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The Testament of Arkadia

Dragon's Domain Year 1 - Episode 24 The Metamorph

Screenplay by Johnny Byrne
Directed by David Tomblin
Guest stars Orso Maria Guerrini, Lisa Harrow
Belgium (Flemish) Testament van Arkadia Testament Of Arcadia 12 Jan 1977
France/Canada Le testament de l'Arcadie The Testament Of The Arcadia 31 Oct 1977
Italy Il testamento degli Arkadi The Testament Of The Arkadians 9 Jan 1977
Japan O, God! May New Peace in Space! 25 Sep 1977
Poland Testament Arkadii 6 Aug 1977
Portugal O Testamento de Arkadia The Testament of Arkadia 13 Nov 1976
Spain Testamento de Arcadia Testament of Arcadia23 Dec 1976
Sweden Testamentet The Testament 15 Dec 1977
South AfricaTestament Van Arkadia Testament of Arcadia2 Dec 1977
USA (New York) 15 May 1976
USA (San Francisco) 3 Jan 1976
UK (ATV) 12 Feb 1976
UK (LWT) 21 Feb 1976

Is it the end for the moon, or the beginning of a new life? In far-off outer space are found the origins of life on Earth itself as the moon's random progress comes to a sudden, inexplicable halt. ITC summary


The Testament Of Arkadia


Int. Main Mission
Int. Command Office
Int. Gymnasium (revamp Command Office)
Int. Boarding Tube
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Protein Store corridor
Int. Reference Library
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section

Ext. Planet Surface
Int. Cave


The Testament Of Arkadia The Testament Of Arkadia The Testament Of Arkadia


Library tracks:




Alpha Personnel:

2 deserters: Luke Ferro, Anna Davis.
The Testament Of Arkadia

Alpha Technology:

The Testament Of Arkadia


Eagle 1 (initial landing party); 2 (unarmed survey); 3 and 5 (pursuit); 4 (Luke and Anna, left on Arkadia)




Spirits of the Arkadians.



The Testament Of Arkadia

Ferro's Eagle is shown from the exterior with the port-side docked to the boarding tube; on the interior set, the starboard is docked. When the Eagle launches it has turned round so the starboard side faces the tube.


The Testament Of Arkadia

The full text of the Testament Of Arkadia:
I, the guardian, salute you. We are an accused people. We who caused our own destruction have paid the price of ignorance and greed.
To you who seek us out in the ages to come, we salute you. The desolation you find grieves we few who will soon die. Our civilisation gone. Our world, Arkadia, poisoned, dying. We who caused our own destruction.
No need now to tell of that final holocaust when our world flamed in the inferno of a thousand exploding suns. Arkadia is finished, but she, Arkadia, lives on in the bodies, hearts and minds of the few of us who left before the end, taking the seeds of a new beginning. To seek out and begin again in the distant regions of space. Heed now the testament of Arkadia.
Neither past nor future, the future is the past and the testament of Arkadia the link. You who are guided here, make us fertile, help us live again.



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