The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Eagle Guide
by Martin Willey

Eagle Passenger Module

End Of Eternity

The passenger module of the Eagle is used for carrying passengers and materials, and for more serious computing analysis than is possible with the flight computers in the cockpit. The crew enter and exit through the passenger module side doors. The forward part of the module has shelves and alcoves, and the seating in the rear section may also be replaced for storage. There are either 8 or 4 seats, depending on whether some are removed for storage, or the starboard side is replaced by a large computer wall.


The early scene in Breakaway is obviously inspired by the space clipper interior from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Death's Other Dominion

Many memorable scenes occur in the passenger module- including the corpse from Death's Other Dominion

Black Sun

The passenger module is the location for quieter emotionally dramatic scenes, such as this between Helena and Sandra in Black Sun

The Metamorph

Another scene of emotional drama in the passenger module is the ending of The Metamorph

Matter Of Life And Death

Stowaways regularly appear in the passenger module: Lee Russell in Matter Of Life And Death, the caveman in The Full Circle, the dwarf in Mission Of The Darians

The Last Sunset

The passenger module is the scene of a large portion of The Last Sunset

Another Time, Another Place

Another wrecked passenger module, seen briefly in Another Time, Another Place

Devil's Planet

Another wrecked module, Devil's Planet, and again in The Immunity Syndrome

Guardian Of Piri

Alternative configurations also appear, in Guardian Of Piri and All That Glisters

Space Brain

The EVA in Space Brain. There is no airlock so the entire module must be depressurised. Fortunately boxes by the door do not float away.

The Exiles

Another EVA in The Exiles, this time with ropes.

The A B Chrysalis

Much of The A B Chrysalis takes place in the passenger module.

The Beta Cloud

A rare fight scene in the passenger module, in The Beta Cloud

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

There are more moments of action in the start of The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

The Seance Spectre

The lights of the passenger module can be turned on bright; Maya uses the bright light as a plant performing photosynthesis in The Seance Spectre

The Metamorph All That Glisters

In The Metamorph and All That Glisters we see this tall microscope inside the passenger module, which is normally seen in Command Center.

Profiles and plan

Eagle 1 plan

The Eagle studio set was 12m / 40ft long in Year 1. The passenger module interior is 4.57m / 15ft wide. Unlike the exterior design, the set is not symmetrical. The corridor in the front half of the passenger module is 2.4m / 8ft long, while the rear half with seats is 3m / 10ft long. This means the studio set will not be fully compatible with the exterior design (the green areas in the diagram at left denote empty spaces assuming the Eagle is about 100ft / 30.48m long to accommodate the width and height of the studio set [see Eagle scale discussion]). The depicted "Eagle One" configuration (without the rear passenger module door) appeared in The Testament Of Arkadia only.


Plan by Marcus Lindroos. The central walkway is 1.2m/ 4ft wide and is raised. The walkway slopes down to the side doors. The seating (or storage space) is in a sunken area. If there is a starboard computer wall, it is raised level with the walkway.

Front bulkhead

Front bulkhead wall, in Dragon's Domain configuration. See more

Starboard side

Starboard side profile, including the computer wall. See more on computer wall.

Port side

Port side profile. Seating or storage configuration.

Guardian Of Piri

An unusual view of the ceiling of the passenger module. In The Last Sunset ropes and ladders are hung from the ceiling.

Rear door

The rear door in the passenger module is only ever seen open in The Testament Of Arkadia (showing the moonbuggy and a section of wall) and in The Last Sunset during the crash (only boxes can be seen). In both cases there is only a single door frame- not an inner and outer door (like at the front of the passenger module). Theoretically the passenger module could be mounted facing in either direction. This passenger module configuration probably is not detachable from the Eagle since there is no rear door and the cargo compartment (which is identical to the usual passenger module wall in The Testament Of Arkadia) extends into the aft access corridor. It is probably used on missions carrying bulky cargo such as the moonbuggy, where there is no need for leaving the passenger module on the surface.

The Testament Of Arkadia The Last Sunset

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Marcus Lindroos.