The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Eagle Guide
by Martin Willey

Eagle Passenger Module

Computer Configurations

The configurations of the computer panels in the passenger module changed almost every episode (the exceptions are Death's Other Dominion and The Full Circle).

We don't see much of the configuration in Missing Link. We don't see the configuration in Space Brain (it's hidden behind nuclear charges) or Space Warp (we only see the view from the command module).

The Last Sunset

Above: The Last Sunset.

Death's Other Dominion

Above: Death's Other Dominion and The Full Circle except for one scene (see below).

The Full Circle

Above: The Full Circle, when Sandra looks up at the clock.

End Of Eternity

Above: End Of Eternity. There are 5 examples of the harlequin-square panel.

War Games

Above: War Games. Only the left side is seen.

Dragon's Domain

Above: Dragon's Domain.

The Testament Of Arkadia

Above: Testament Of Arkadia.

The Metamorph

Above: The Metamorph. This configuration has more plain panels than usual. The X5 labelled panels appear on the top row, for the first time since Missing Link.

The A B Chrysalis

Above: The A B Chrysalis.

The Beta Cloud

Above: The Beta Cloud.

A Matter Of Balance

Above: A Matter Of Balance.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

Above: Bringers of Wonder part 1 (Koenig's crashed Eagle, on fire) and part 2 (lowering Koenig and Maya to the surface).

The Seance Spectre

Above: The Seance Spectre. Both the crashed Eagle 1 and Eagle 2 at the waste dump.

Devil's Planet

Above: Devil's Planet. We only see the left side.

The Immunity Syndrome

Above: The Immunity Syndrome. Both the crashed Eagle and the glider Eagle.

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