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Space Warp

The Beta Cloud Year 2 - Episode 15 A Matter of Balance

Writer Charles Woodgrove
Director Peter Medak

France/Canada Déformation spatiale Space Warp
Spain Torbellino espacial Space warp
Germany Der böse Zauber The Wicked Magic
Italy I naufraghi The Shipwrecked People
Japan Fear of the Four-dimension Space
Poland Podroz w czasie
Portugal Vazio Espacial Space Void
Portugal Passagem para Outra Dimensão Passage To Another Dimension

Eagle 1 gets lost in space and, as if that isn't enough, Moonbase Alpha has problems of its own when Maya's ability to transform herself into any living entity goes out of control. ITC summary


Space Warp


Int. Command Centre
Int. Medical Centre
Int. Launch Area
Int. Control Room
Int. Corridor/Airlock 7
Int. Moonbuggy Airlock
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Corridor/ Elevator
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section

Ext. Moon Surface
Int. Derelict

The first episode to feature an elevator (it also appears very briefly in The Seance Spectre; it is a revamp of the alien elevator in A B Chrysalis).
Space Warp


Space Warp Space Warp Space Warp
Space Warp
The 2nd Eagle model is in the foreground, the 3rd is barely visible behind flames which severely damaged the model. The first Eagle model, with a striped rescue pod, and a moonbuggy are also in this shot (top right), almost completely hidden by the flames.



Space Warp



1807 days after leaving Earth orbit (Tue 24 Aug 2004)

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:

Space Warp

The Eagle remote control appears on Alan's desk in Command Center and in the Eagle 4 cockpit.

Space Warp

Medical thermographic scans are used.


Eagle 1 (Koenig); 2 (Refuelling); 4 (Maya, crashed)

Maya transformations:

Space Warp Space Warp Space Warp




Space Warp

"Grasshopper" (credits) / "Captain Duro" (dialogue), captain of the Menon, (scout ship for the mothership Admenon). Humanoid.



Space Warp

Alan's spacesuit visor knocks open during the fight.




Space Warp

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