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Compiled by Martin Willey

UFO Space: 1999 The Documentaries (Fanderson)

UK November 2004
Exclusive to Fanderson members
£ 29.99

A re-release of two documentaries previously released on VHS video: The UFO Documentary (1993), and the The Space: 1999 Documentary (1996) (see details). Also includes in the extras the "deleted scenes" from the earlier video AlphaCon the Video (1991).


There is an 8 page booklet, with chapter lists and credits for the two documentaries and additional features.

Top menu Space 1999 Extras Menu

The computer animated menus by Roberto Baldassari include menu sequences from the Italian Pulp Video releases for UFO and Space: 1999 Year One.

  • UFO The Documentary (59min 30secs)
  • Extra Features:
    • Derek Meddings: The Anderson Years (13min 30secs)
    • Deleted Fan Interviews (3mins 30secs)
    • UFO Textless End Titles (1min 20secs)
  • Space: 1999 The Documentary part 1 (52min 30secs)
  • Space: 1999 The Documentary part 2 (50mins)
  • Extra Features:
    • Deleted Scenes (introduction and interviews from AlphaCon the Video, 13min 30secs)
    • Space: 1899 (spoof version of Space Warp, 3mins 30secs)
    • Message From Moonbase Alpha (7 mins)
    • "Libra Egg Hidden Feature" (7 mins)
      (highlight to read:) Space: 1999 DVD special features spoof
Space 1899
Cover Back cover Documentary title Barbara Bain Martin Landau

Copyright Martin Willey ;
packaging and screen images copyright Fanderson