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USA: October 2001. Promotional item for Main Mission 2000 convention and separately for $30.

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CD-ROM containing four sub-sites:

The Flash-animated introduction page is by Roberto Baldassari.

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SPACE: 1999 ALPHACON THE VIDEO (produced by Kindred for Fanderson)

Alphacon The Video

UK: Fanderson 1991, in VHS (£9.99), NTSC, Secam & Beta (£10.50)

One hour video in Hi-Fi Stereo, FANSP1.

Produced & directed by Tim Mallett & Glenn Pearce, written by Tim Mallett, Glenn Pearce & Roger Rice, narrated by David Graham with original music by Paul Westerman.

An account of the making of Space: 1999 told through interviews with Gerry Anderson, Prentis Hancock, Martin Bower, Alibe Parsons, Bob Kellett and fans, with footage shot at the AlphaCon convention in November 1990 and extensive clips from the series. Whilst produced and sold through the Gerry Anderson fan club, Fanderson, the quality of the video was very high. The editing ensured a brisk pace, the script was proficient and ably delivered by professional actor Graham, and the interviews were informative. More details.

Parts that were not used in the Documentary were released on the dvd UFO Space: 1999 the Documentaries (2004).

It was reviewed in TV Zone 22 (September 1991). "Alphacon is a must for any fan of the series. The quality is excellent, and in content and sheer professionalism it stands head and shoulders above the Doctor Who Years tapes. TV Zone rating: 10/10"

THE SPACE: 1999 DOCUMENTARY (produced by Kindred for Fanderson)

Space 1999 the Documentary

UK: Fanderson August 1996, in VHS (£19.99), NTSC, Secam & Beta

100 minute video in Hi-Fi Stereo, FANSP4.

Produced & directed by Tim Mallett & Glenn Pearce, written by Chris Bentley and Dave Williams, narrated by Shane Rimmer with original music by the Clubb Brothers.

An account of the making of Space: 1999, updated from the Alphacon video and of professional quality (a shorter version was broadcast on the satellite/cable channel Bravo). This version is in two parts (covering Year One and Year Two), with a "commercial break" in-between showing trailers for the "Alien Attack" and "Destination Moonbase Alpha" TV movies and a trailer for Year Two. The documentary features new interviews with Gerry Anderson, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Zienia Merton, Christopher Penfold, Johnny Byrne, Keith Wilson, Emma Porteous, Brian Johnson, Martin Bower, and Bob Kellett. Also footage of interviews from 1976 with Anderson, Fred Freiberger, Landau, Bain, Catherine Schell and Keith Wilson. These interviews were shot in the studio, on the location for Matter Of Balance, and at the special effects studio while making Seed Of Destruction (footage of the model shop includes the remote control moonbuggy from Taybor, Taybor's Emporium and the Space Warp derelict). More details

The video sleeve is painted by Angela Haycock.

The video is accompanied by a small booklet (20pp, 10cm x 18.5cm) with biographies of those interviewed and a small trivia section. It has a colour cover, and black&white interior with many behind-the-scenes photos. Details

Re-released on the dvd UFO Space: 1999 the Documentaries (2004).

Cover image thanks to James Poll.

THE UFO DOCUMENTARY (produced by Kindred for Fanderson)

UK: Fanderson 1993, in VHS (£15.99), NSTC, Secam & Beta (£18.50)

65 minutes, Hi-Fi Stereo, FANUF2.

Produced & directed by Tim Mallett & Glenn Pearce, written by Trevor Ellis, Tim Mallett & Glenn Pearce, narrated by Shane Rimmer with original music by Tim Newnham & Paul Westerman.

Highly professional and intelligent documentary about the making of UFO, told in clips and interviews. Final section includes an interview with Christopher Penfold about the preproduction of the second series of UFO, showing artwork by Keith Wilson and Chris Foss of the Eagle Interceptors and Moonbase Alpha, which eventually lost the UFO connection and became Space 1999. After the documentary is finished there is an extended plug for the Alphacon video, showing most of the title sequence of clips with Westerman's theme.

Re-released on the dvd UFO Space: 1999 the Documentaries (2004).

SPACE CITY SPECIAL (produced by Kindred for Fanderson)

UK: Fanderson 1994, in VHS (£9.99), NTSC, Secam & Beta

30 minutes, Hi-Fi Stereo, FANSC4.

Produced & directed by Tim Mallett & Glenn Pearce, with original music by Tim Newnham & Paul Westerman.

The opening sequences from several Fanderson conventions, plus specially extended sequences, using clips from many Anderson series including Space: 1999. Back sleeve has 1 colour photo.

The Future Was Fantastic! DVD

collectors edition

UK, first edition July 2014
2 DVD collectors edition May 2017

1 hour 52 minute long Gerry Anderson documentary made by Jeff Smart (filmed from 1998 to 2004). The first edition was a plain single disc, the second is a 2-disc set with updated disc menus, a jewel-case with insert leaflet, and a second disc of extras.

The documentary covers Space:1999 mostly in the section "A Day at Bray", an 11 minute sequence in which Brian Johnson visits the original SFX studios. In the extras, the section "Phil Rae Collection" includes close shots of the 44 inch and 22 inch Eagles and the large and small War Games Hawks (the commentary has some errors, see the Catacombs model guide for more correct information).

More details

Keith Young's Moonbase Alpha Reference Guide CD ROM

USA (sold via internet). Volume 1: January 2014, $35 each

Updated version of Keith's printed blueprints, published between 1987-1991

Volume 1 was released in January 2014, and contains 58 images in jpg format, plus PDF documents.

Volume 2 to be released in early 2020 (TBC), and contains over 100 images.

Volume 1

Alpha plans. Elevations and building plans (28 pages, generally 2480 x 1754 pixels)

24 hi-res versions of plans, with scale but without text. Variable size up to 7500 x 3508 pixels, scale 1:624.

Four versions of lunar surface plan, framed and unframed. Resolutions include 4300 x 4300 pixels (unframed) and 5821 x 6834 pixels (framed).

Cover art in 2 resolutions

Moonbase Alpha Operations Guide by Martin Willey, Keith Young (text in PDF format, 15 pages)

Volume 2

Voulme 2 cover art

In addition to new drawings, the set contains some corrected drawings from volume 1, and some unreleased drawings from the original 1990s paper releases.

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