The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Eagle Guide
by Martin Willey

Eagle Rescue Pod

Same as standard transporter pod, with red vertical stripes, used in rescue operations. Usually it is Eagle 4.

Note other rescue Eagles also appeared with other pods: The Exiles (Eagle 4, standard pod); The Metamorph and All That Glisters (Eagle 4, booster pod). The publicity shots of the rescue Eagle on the launch pad shot for Earthbound on 20th March 1974 became iconic images of the Eagle.


First appearance, in Earthbound.


Eagle on launch pad


Eagles 1 and 2 in space (this is the 22 inch Eagle model, other shots are the 44 inch Eagle).


The pod is seen detached.


Close up of the docking tube.

Missing Link

Eagle 4 in Missing Link. The launch starts with this nice close up. The wider shot of the launch is lifted from Earthbound.

Missing Link

Rescue Eagle 4 lands next to Eagle 1 (the latter is a photographic cut-out).

Missing Link

Here Rescue Eagle 4 is a photo cut-out.

Collision Course

Rescue Eagle 4 in Collision Course. Note there are no stripes on the lower rim of the transporter pod.

Collision Course

Rescue Eagle 4 in Collision Course in space. This is the 22 inch Eagle, with stripes on the lower rim of the transporter pod.

Collision Course

Eagle 4 (first 44 inch Eagle) docks with Eagle 1 (second 44 inch Eagle).

Space Brain

Rescue Eagle 4 in Space Brain. The launch scene is lifted from Earthbound. This is the 22 inch Eagle. In the space walk scenes the pod is a normal transporter pod, with no stripes.

The Metamorph

The first of just two appearances in Year Two, in The Metamorph. The pod is visible right.

Space Warp

The second appearance in Year Two, in Space Warp. It is top right, and will be hidden by flames in a second.

Guardian Of Piri

On the far left side, the rescue pod can be seen in this shot from Guardian Of Piri. (This isn't a complete 44inch Eagle- it's only the pod, one rear leg, the rear engines and a spine, the missing bits carefully obscured by set dressing and the edge of the frame. The rest of the Eagle is on the right).

Alpha Child

This Eagle in Alpha Child has a repainted rescue pod- the stripes are still clearly visible. This is also seen in the Guardian Of Piri shot (the small Eagle lifting off).

Another Time, Another Place

The repainted rescue pod is also seen in Another Time, Another Place. There are lighter grey stripes where the red stripes were- the areas between appear darker.

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