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All that Glisters

One Moment of Humanity Year 2 - Episode 4 Journey to Where

Writer Keith Miles
Director Ray Austin
Guest Star Patrick Mower
Belgium (Flemish) Al wat blinkt 17 Aug 1977
Denmark Farligt Mineral Dangerous Mineral 6 Jun 1977
France/Canada Tout ce qui luit All That Glisters 11 Dec 1976
Germany Der entscheidende Stoff The Decisive Material 21 May 1978
Italy La Milgonite The Milgonite 16 Apr 1979
Hungary A sziklák titka The secret of the rocks 26 Jul 1979
Japan Bizarre! Lethal Colour-changing Rock 21 May 1981
Poland Nie wszystko zloto, co sie swieci 2 Sep 1978
Portugal Nem Tudo o que Brilha... All That Glisters... 17 Sep 1977
Spain Todo lo que reluce All that glitters 7 Apr 1977
South AfricaSkyn Bedreig Mock Threat19 May 1984
USA (New York) 5 Mar 1977
USA (San Francisco) 5 Feb 1977
UK (ATV) 28 Oct 1976
UK (LWT) 30 Oct 1976

A battle for life with a rock that pulsates with power, energy, intelligence and purpose...a rock fighting desperately for its own preservation, seeking water that it can obtain only from the Alphans. ITC summary


All That Glisters


Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section (a lengthened version)

Ext. Planet Surface

The only episode not to use the Moonbase sets


All That Glisters



All That Glisters



565 days after leaving Earth orbit (Saturday 31 March 2001). The planet was discovered two days previously; all events occur during the 3 hour, 2 minute landing window.

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:

All That Glisters


Eagle 4 ("Rescue"). Features the booster pod (usually!). Here it is a "specially adapted laboratory section".

Maya transformations:

All That Glisters



Unnamed planet


Living rocks



All That Glisters All That Glisters

The Eagle has a booster pod throughout, apart from one scene (as the rock tries to make the Eagle launch) of a standard pod.

All That Glisters All That Glisters

While the SFX model has lateral extensions (mostly), the interior set is actually normal width but about twice as long as normal. The exterior set door is the standard door with steps. The model Eagle has a narrow door and no steps are ever seen.


All That Glisters

The rock colours:

All That Glisters



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