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Dave Reilly

Dave Reilly

All That Glisters
Character Name Dave Reilly
Played by Patrick Mower
Sex M
Approx. Age 35
Section Main Mission
All That Glisters Dave Reilly Title credit

All That Glisters All That Glisters All That Glisters All That Glisters All That Glisters All That Glisters

Tony calls him a "loud mouthed Irish Romeo" and "an Irish cowboy". His hat and references to Texas suggests he worked in the oil and gas industry. He also "tapped" uranium. Koenig, Alan and Tony are quite hostile to him; at one point Koenig says to him "You've got a one track mind in a stone age skull.".

"Hey! That's my lucky hat! Never seen one of these before, ay, Maya? Well, that's the trouble with your planet. They never had the wonderful state of Texas."
"Say hello to Big Dave!"
"Ah, the rocks understand me, Commander. Me wives never did, but the rocks do."
"Look, I....I am sorry. Now, I can't do your job. But I'm the geologist. And you can't do mine. And Alpha needs that milgonite. Maya. I am sorry about Tony."
"Well, the little old Texas heart is still beating."
"I don't get it. I've brought in wild cat oil wells back on Earth, tapped uranium, but... but this... Now there's been water here: that geologically speaking there ought to be water. But the whole planet is like a... like a desert."
"Look, I had it on stun. I wouldn't try to kill it. Well, damn it, it's a geological marvel!"
"Amazing. Imagine the geological paper I can write on this."

Reilly appears in the book Born for Adversity (2010) by David A McIntee (Powys), in which he is killed.

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