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Main Mission Section

Main Mission Section

Alphan Actor Episodes Section Transfers
Ann Ann Maj-Britt Space Brain +3
Barbara Vicki Michelle The Taybor
George Harry Fielder The A B Chrysalis +6 4
Julie Annie Lambert Collision Course +6
June June Bolton Earthbound +4
Lew Paul Weston Breakaway +3 3
Maya Catherine Schell The Metamorph +22
Michael Michael Zorba Breakaway
Alphan Robert Atiko End Of Eternity +3
Alphan Laurie Davis Breakaway +5 3
Andy Sutcliffe Andy Sutcliffe The Last Enemy +3
Command Center Alphan Hamish Patrick The Dorcons
Main Mission Operative Binu Balini End Of Eternity +3
Main Mission Operative Andy Dempsey Matter Of Life And Death +22
Main Mission Operative Joy Harrison Earthbound +1
Main Mission Operative Raymond Harris Guardian Of Piri +4
Main Mission Operative Christopher Matthews Breakaway +1
Main Mission Operative Jan Rennison End Of Eternity +2 2
Main Mission Operative Mike Stevens Black Sun +14 2
Main Mission Operative Marc Zuber Black Sun +1 1
Robert Phillips Robert Phillips Ring Around The Moon +9
Security Guard John Judd Space Warp +1 2
Security Guard Colin Skeaping End Of Eternity +1 2
Tanya Aleksandr Suzanne Roquette Breakaway +21
G Allen Glenda Allen Collision Course +13 3
Kate Bullen Sarah Bullen Force Of Life +21
Cernik Nigel Pegram The Seance Spectre
Jackson Laurence Harrington Journey To Where +1 2
Regina Kesslann Judy Geeson Another Time, Another Place
Eva Lewis Carolyn Seymour The Seance Spectre
Paul Morrow Prentis Hancock Breakaway +22
Lee Oswald Loftus Burton Breakaway +17
L Picard Jenny Cresswell Mission Of The Darians +17 3
Lew Picard Gerard Paquis The Metamorph
Peter Reeves Robert Reeves The Metamorph +16
Dave Reilly Patrick Mower All That Glisters
P. Rose Pam Rose The Metamorph +7 2
Tony Verdeschi Tony Anholt The Metamorph +21
Winters Gary Waldhorn The Infernal Machine
Anna Wong Chai Lee Breakaway +4 2

40 in section, 157 total

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