The Catacombs Catacombs Character Guide
Technical Section

Technical Section

Alphan Actor Episodes Section Transfers
Alphan Laurie Davis Breakaway +5 3
Technician Breakaway +11
Laura Adams Hilary Dwyer The Troubled Spirit
G Allen Glenda Allen Collision Course +13 3
Bartlett Jeremy Young The Bringers Of Wonder +1
Ted Clifford Max Faulkner Ring Around The Moon
Joan Conway Rula Lenska Alpha Child
Cranston Martha Nairn Seed Of Destruction
George Crato Anthony Stamboulieh The Lambda Factor
Anna Davis Lisa Harrow The Testament Of Arkadia
Mark Dominix John Hamill Force Of Life
Joe Ehrlich Drewe Henley The Bringers Of Wonder +1
Ellis Breakaway
Luke Ferro Orso Maria Guerrini The Testament Of Arkadia
Toshiro Fujita Vincent Wong Black Sun +3 2
Pete Garforth Gregory De Polnay The Lambda Factor
Jim Haines Barry Stokes Voyager's Return
Andy Johnson John Alkin The Mark Of Archanon
Les Johnson Walter McMonagle The Immunity Syndrome
Les Johnson 2 Roy Everson Earthbound +5 2
Clive Kander Nick Hobbs Space Warp +1 2
David Kano Clifton Jones Matter Of Life And Death +22
Ernst Linden (Queller) Jeremy Kemp Voyager's Return
Joe Lustig Roy Boyd The Immunity Syndrome
Sam (Ed) Malcolm Richard Le Parmentier Dorzak
Jim Nordstrom Roy Scammell Breakaway +2
George Osgood Ronald Chenery Black Sun
Michelle Osgood Pamela Stephenson Catacombs Of The Moon
Patrick Osgood James Laurenson Catacombs Of The Moon
Ben Ouma Lon Satton Breakaway
Petrov Peter Porteous The Metamorph +2
L Picard Jenny Cresswell Mission Of The Darians +17 3
Chris Potter Brian Osborne A Matter Of Balance
Carl Renton Michael Walker The Lambda Factor
P. Rose Pam Rose The Metamorph +7 2
Mark Sanders Jess Conrad The Lambda Factor
Greg Sanderson Ken Hutchison The Seance Spectre
Smith (Smitty) Jon Laurimore Black Sun
Steiner Alf Joint Breakaway +4
Young Milos Kirek Breakaway
Anton Zoref Ian McShane Force Of Life

41 in section, 157 total

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