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Ben Ouma

Ben Ouma

Character Name Ben Ouma
Played by Lon Satton
Sex M
Approx. Age 46
Section Technical
Breakaway Benjamin Ouma End credit

The role of computer expert was replaced by David Kano for the following 23 episodes. As he enters Main Mission, Ouma is the first person Koenig encounters and he recognises him immediately: "Benjamin". Later, however, he calls him "Ouma". Koenig asks him for a breakdown of the training information, and Ouma shows him the flight recorder going blank. During the dispersal, Koenig tells him to keep Central Computer updated wth "everything possible". Finally, Koenig asks Ouma for a "readout" on contingency plan Exodus.

According to the 2020 novel Year One story Operation Deliverance by Rupert Booth, Ouma is killed by Moonbase Beta commander Preston while trying to take control of Moonbase Alpha.

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