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Medical Section

Medical Section

Alphan Actor Episodes Section Transfers
Anne Laraine Humphrys Dragon's Domain
George Harry Fielder The A B Chrysalis +6 4
Gloria Breakaway
Main Mission Operative Jan Rennison End Of Eternity +2 2
Nurse Judith Hepburn End Of Eternity +3
Nurse Kathy Mallory The Full Circle +2
Nurse Maureen Tan Force Of Life +2
Paula Andrea Allan Alpha Child 3
G Allen Glenda Allen Collision Course +13 3
Toshiro Fujita Vincent Wong Black Sun +3 2
Blake Maine Michael Dickinson Devil's Planet
Sally Martin Lydia Lisle The Lambda Factor
Bob Mathias Anton Phillips Breakaway +22
Raul Nunez Raul Newney The Mark Of Archanon
L Picard Jenny Cresswell Mission Of The Darians +17 3
Hilary Preston Lea Dregorn Force Of Life
Helena Russell Barbara Bain Breakaway +47
Sandstrom Earl Robinson The Bringers Of Wonder
Ed Spencer Sam Dastor Dorzak +2
Ben Vincent Jeffery Kissoon Journey To Where +6
Williams Christopher Williams Matter Of Life And Death +6
Anna Wong Chai Lee Breakaway +4 2

22 in section, 157 total

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