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Alpha Child

Force of Life Year 1 - Episode 10 The Last Sunset

Screenplay by Christopher Penfold
Directed by Ray Austin
Guest Artists Julian Glover, Cyd Hayman
Belgium (Flemish) Het kind van Alpha
Denmark Et Rumbarn Space Child
France/Canada L'enfant d'Alpha The Child Of Alpha
Italy Fiocco azzuro su Alpha Blue Band On Alpha
Japan Bizarre! A Birth of Space Child
Netherlands De basisbaby The Base Baby
Poland Dziecko w Alfie
Portugal A Criança de Alfa Alpha Child
Spain El niño de Alfa The Alfa Child
South AfricaAlpha Kind Alpha Child

The first baby is born on the moon...but terrifying events follow with an outer space battle between spaceships deciding the fates of hundreds. ITC summary


Alpha Child


Int. Main Mission
Int. Command Office
Int. Nuclear Generating Area
Int. Victor's Quarters
Int. Medical
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Airlock
Ext. Moon Surface

Main Mission appears for the first time with green illuminated panels. Previously they had been white. It will remain this way for 15 episodes until it changes in End Of Eternity.

The Nuclear Generating Area is a reused set from Force Of Life.


Alpha Child

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Martin Bower design sketch



Alpha Child



The birth of Jackie imposes some chronology. It is unlikely a pregnant woman would be allowed on Alpha by Earth's space programme, due to the risks of radiation and space travel. Jackie was either conceived shortly before September 1999, or some time after, so this episode is perhaps May-June 2000 or later.

Alpha Personnel:

Alpha Child

0 fatalities, but we learn of Jack Crawford's death some time previously. There is one new Alphan: Jackie Crawford

Alpha Technology:

Alpha Child


Alpha Child

There is a flight of 3 Eagles, unnumbered

When Alan's Eagle drops down to the lunar surface, the passenger pod has grey stripes - it is a repainted Rescue pod. In subsequent episodes the model was weathered so the painted over stripes were less visible.




Alpha Child

Jarak's people. They do not have human form.



Alpha Child

In Medical, Jackie plays with a hypodermic needle (or the Alphan equivalent).


Alpha Child



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