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The Last Sunset

Alpha Child Year 1 - Episode 11 Voyager's Return

Screenplay by Christopher Penfold
Directed by Charles Crichton
Belgium (Flemish) De laatste zonsondergang 23 Mar 1977
France/Canada Le dernier crépuscule The Last Twilight 12 Feb 1977
Germany Die Verwandlung The Change 27 Nov 1977
Italy L'ultimo tramonto The Last Sunset 5 Aug 1976
Japan A Red Sun, The Last Sunset 19 Jun 1977
Netherlands De laatste zonsondergang 25 Aug 1978
Poland Ostatni zachod slonca 5 Mar 1977
Portugal O Último Pôr-do-Sol The Last Sunset 5 Feb 1977
South AfricaDie Laaste Sonsondergang The Last Sunset10 Jun 1977
Spain La última puesta de sol The last sunset3 Feb 1977
Sweden 26 Jun 1976
USA (New York) 7 Mar 1976
USA (San Francisco) 24 Jan 1976
UK (ATV) 1 Jan 1976
UK (LWT) 31 Jan 1976

The prospect of a normal life dangles tantalizingly for the occupants of the runaway moon. Real air and sunshine; a new existence, similar to that on Earth. But there is drama behind the dream. ITC summary


The Last Sunset


The Last Sunset


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The Last Sunset



Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:

The Last Sunset


The Last Sunset

Eagle 1 (search); 2 and 7 (initial probes); 4 (corrosion proof); 9,12,14,15,19,24 (named); 28 (crashed)




On Ariel. May not be humanoid.



Errors/ Observations

The Last Sunset

The shot of Koenig opening a window in Technical is initially surprising, but the script had an explanation, so it is not strictly an error. Earlier in the episode we saw the window in Technical bursting, so when we see the set again, we know it has been replaced. The script describes technicians refitting the windows after the Moon has an atmosphere. This scene was shot, but the episode cuts directly to Koenig opening the newly fitted window.
When the first corrosion is discovered, the script has Koenig ordering the windows replaced and Alpha re-pressurised with its own atmosphere.
see script breakdown and call sheet for the day this was filmed.


The Last Sunset
Mike Stevens (credited, but it looks like Alf Joint), Linzy Scott and Lynda Westover pose on the set



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