The Catacombs Panini
Year One

L'Ultimo Tramonto - The Last Sunset


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As Eagles fly to a new planet, a small missile intercepts them and latches to an Eagle nose cone. When returned to Alpha, the capsule starts to emit high pressure gas. The gas bursts out of the Moonbase, as millions of other capsules land on the Moon, all releasing gas. The gas is air, and it quickly forms an atmosphere round the moon. The empty capsules leave.

Paul and Sandra walk out to the lunar surface in spacesuits. They open their visors: the air is breathable. They try to kiss.

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Now with their own atmosphere, the Alphans install opening windows and play outside. It starts to rain, and the excited Alphans run outside.

The shot of the Alphans in the rain is flopped left for right (note the sleeves). This scene was shot outdoors- in the studio car park.

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But the rain will fill the craters, and Alpha will be left at the bottom of a lake. Paul, Alan, Helena and Sandra fly out in an Eagle trying to find a new home. The Alphans wave them goodbye.

The Eagle is caught in a storm and crashes, losing contact with the Moonbase. Supplies are low, and Sandra is injured. Paul goes out desperate to find water and food. At the point of collapse he discovers wild mushrooms.

The following morning Paul has built a shelter and offers the others breakfast. Helena wants to test the food first, but Paul is delusional and insists they will establish a new civilisation here. He fights with Alan. Around them the capsules descend again, and this time the air starts thinning. Helena hears an Eagle searching for them. To attract attention, she shoots at the Eagle wreck, causing an explosion.

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Koenig and Mathias find them, but Paul still resists and fights Koenig. Koenig eventually wins.

Back on Moonbase, Paul is recovered and they find the mushrooms contained hallucinogenic traces. The last capsule leaves, telling them that the aliens on the planet did not want the humans to invade and gave them a distraction. The Alphans watch their last sunset.

Thanks to Marcy. Contents copyright Martin Willey