The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

Thanks to Marcy

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Top row:
Eagle spacecraft over the Moon (from The Seance Spectre);
Commander Koenig and his second in command Tony Verdeschi;

Bottom row:
pilot Alan Carter, Dr Helena Russell and the alien Maya (from Immunity Syndrome);
the crew of Command Center, Moonbase Alpha (from Journey To Where)

"Psychon" The Metamorph (11-52)
"Magus" New Adam New Eve (53-86)
"Le Crisalidi" A B Chrysalis (87-119)
"I Naufraghi" Space Warp (120-161)
"La Meravigliosa Illusione" Bringers Of Wonder (162-232)
"Vindrus" Matter Of Balance (233-266)
"Dorzak" Dorzak (267-305)
"Il Pianeta Del Diavolo" Devil's Planet (306-337)
"Il Lampo Che Uccide" Immunity Syndrome (338-370)
"I Dorconiani" The Dorcons (371-400)

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