The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

Thanks to Marcy

I Naufraghi - Space Warp

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Maya is sick in Medical, as Koenig and Tony fly to investigate an alien ship. But then a space warp shifts the moon in space and the Eagle is left stranded.

Meanwhile, Maya is in a fever and transforms into a space animal, fighting with Moonbase guards. In the animal's form, she breaks into an Eagle and tries to launch it in the underground hangars.

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Her Eagle crashes in the hangar, in a great inferno. Firemen retrieve the injured alien form. In Medical, Helena and Dr Vincent are perplexed about how to operate to save her. Then Maya transforms again, into her father, Mentor. A guard stuns her.

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Koenig and Tony explore the alien ship and find a log recording from the alien captain. The ship suffered an accident and the crew were killed, but the captain leaves instructions about how to use the space warp detector. They find the instrument and fit it to the Eagle.

On the Moon, Maya has transformed into another space animal and has escaped onto the lunar surface. Alan and Helena pursue her in a moonbuggy.

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The space animal puts up a ferocious fight, but eventually collapses with lack of stored air. Maya is returned to Medical.

Using the space warp detector, Koenig and Tony manoeuvre the Eagle to find the space warp and navigate through it after the Moon. In Command Centre they are pleased to see the Eagle return.

Meanwhile in Medical, Maya's fever is over and she recovers.

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