The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

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La Meravigliosa Illusione - The Bringers Of Wonder

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On a routine radiation check over the nuclear waste domes, Koenig appears to go mad and crashes. He is rescued, and Helena uses a new cerebral wave machine to restore him.

Meanwhile, a Superswift from Earth arrives, led by Tony's brother, Guido. There has been a breakthrough allowing faster than light travel, so they can return the Alphans to Earth.

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Sandra is reunited with her fiance, Peter Rockwell. There are other joyful reunions in Command Centre.

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Koenig wakes after treatment and is told about the rescue by Helena. The others greet him in Command Centre, but he is shocked to see horrid monsters among the Alphans. The Alphans restrain the hysterical Koenig.

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In Medical, Koenig insists the rescuers are hostile monsters.

Two rescuers, Guido and Shaw, watch the records cameraman archiving the film of the reunion. The film shows monsters. The rescuers concentrate, and the cameraman starts smashing equipment, causing a fire. Firemen put out the blase, but the cameraman is dead.

Tony draws the names of the first three to return to Earth. As Guido watches, he reads out Carter, Ehrlich and Bartlett.

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Koenig wakes to find one of the monsters smothering him. But when Helena enters she sees Dr Shaw examining Koenig. Shaw leaves, and Koenig argues that the cerebral wave machine protected his mind. Helena agrees to treat Maya, and when Maya sees the rescuers she now sees monsters too.

The Superswift pilot ship, with Carter, Ehrlich and Bartlett, returns to New York city on Earth.

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But in reality, the pilot ship lands at the waste domes, and Alan and the others start moving equipment in spacesuits.

Koenig, Helena and Maya decide to use white noise to block the alien mind controls. They break into Command Centre, and play the white noise over the base. The aliens are now revealed.

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Abruptly, the monsters disappear. They must now stop Alan from blowing up the waste domes.

Koenig and Maya fly after the astronauts. Koenig is lowered by harness from the Eagle in front of their moonbuggy.

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Koenig fights Alan and Ehrlich, but he is outnumbered. Maya transforms into a space animal to rescue him, but Alan gets away in the moonbuggy.

In the waste domes, Alan and Bartlett set up laser beams to break into the reactor core.

On Moonbase Alpha, Helena anesthetises most of the Alphans so trhe aliens cannot tap their mental energy.

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Koenig finds Alan and Bartlett and fights them. Alan tries to put the nuclear trigger into the waste, but Koenig eventually stops him. Without energy, the aliens die.

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