The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

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Le Crisalidi - The A B Chrysalis

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Strong shockwaves shake Moonbase Alpha. The shockwaves are coming from a planet and as they move nearer, they could destroy the base.

Koenig, Alan and Maya fly to the planet and find an installation on one of the moons. Inside one of the buildings, Koenig and Alan find a screen which shows them patterns. Koenig draws the Earth's solar system. The system recognises they are from Earth and fills the room with air.

The initial photo is from The Lambda Factor

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A computer voice probe tells them the lifeform of the planet has not yet been born. Energy starts building up in the installation, and they leave. The installations create huge electrical arcs across space, to produce the shockwaves that are battering Alpha.

The Eagles lands on the planet and is taken down into an underground chamber. A voice probe explains the alien race is in a chrysalis stage awaiting rebirth. It agrees to take them to the guardian, the only one of his race who is awake. But when they arrive, they find the guardian is already entering chrysalis in his casket.

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In desperation, Koenig threatens to shoot the Eagle lasers into the underground city. Then the voice probe announces that some have emerged from chrysalis. Koenig is taken to a viewing room in which he can talk to the chlorine-breathing race. Koenig asks them to stop the shockwaves, but the two women are split. The third to emerge from chrysalis, a man, casts the deciding vote against the Alphans. Koenig and the others decide to return to Moonbase Alpha.

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The Eagle returns to the base and Koenig warns the staff to prepare themselves for the fatal shockwave. The shockwave shakes them, but it is reduced enough for them to survive.

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