The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

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Magus - New Adam, New Eve

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An alien appears in Command Centre. Magus proclaims himself the creator of mankind, and offers them wine. Sceptical, Koenig warns Alan not to touch it. Magus offers them a new planet, New Earth, and selects Koenig, Helena, Maya and Tony to share it.

The Alphans insist on an Eagle, but Magus transports it to the planet.

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The Alphans find the world is almost a paradise. Magus announces his plan is to breed the Alphans, with Koenig paired with Maya and Tony with Helena. Contact with Alpha is cut; they are trapped.

As night falls they settle for a meal. A roar interupts them. A humanoid is fighting with ape-like animals. The Alphans scare off the apes, and the humanoid flees into caves. Magus appears in the sky, furious that they tried to leave the glade.

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The Alphans retreat for the night. But the following morning they find a way into caves from within the glade. In the caves they find the humanoid, who explains they are the offspring of genetic experiments by Magus, who is trying to find the secret of life.

When they emerge from the caves, Magus is outraged they have disobeyed him.

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Magus demonstrates his power by blowing up buildings on Alpha. But the Alphans have realised the source of Magus's power is light.

Alone again, the Alphans dig a pit and cover it with leaves. When Magus next appears, he falls into the pit and is covered by leaves. Without light, Magus's power cannot keep the planet together and it starts to disintegrate. The Alphans flee to the Eagle and escape as New Earth is destroyed.

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