The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

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Psychon - The Metamorph

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Pilots Fraser and Torens fly their Eagle to a volcanic planet looking for titanium. Their ship is captured by a ball of light. An alien, Mentor, appears and offers to return the pilots, and Koenig suggests a rendezvous in space. After Mentor finishes speaking to the Alphans, he turns to a lion by him. The lion transforms into his daughter, Maya. They are hopeful that the Alphans will help them.

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The Eagle is fitted with extra boosters. Koenig flies to meet the alien spacecraft, but it has a powerful magnetic force which drags them down to the planet. There they find themselves in amongst many other alien spaceships in a volcanic crater.

Meanwhile, captured pilot Torens is linked to Mentor's computer, Psyche. He screams as it drains his mind.

The Alphans explore the caves leading from the volcanic crater. They find mindless aliens digging for minerals, and among them is Torens.

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An image of Mentor appears. One of the Alphans, Picard, shoots at it and is killed. The Alphans are knocked unconscious.

Koenig wakes and is greeted by Maya, who escorts him to meet her father. Mentor shows him his colleagues, strapped into chairs. Psyche will drain their minds unless Koenig orders the other Alphans to come to the planet. Mentor starts the process, and Koenig relents, ordering the Moonbase be evacuated.

Returned to their cell, the Alphans are hostile to Koenig for betraying the Moonbase, but Koenig's message included a code that warned them. Koenig confronts Maya, telling her about the miners in the caves.

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Maya goes down to the caves and is appalled at what she finds. She releases Koenig, who destroys Psyche. Massive fires are started.

Fraser and Helena try to rescue Torens, but he is killed in a rockfall.

Maya tries to help Mentor in the flames, but Koenig restrains her.

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The volcanoes are erupting. With Maya, the Alphans escape in their Eagle. Behind them, the planet explodes.

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