The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

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Dorzak - Dorzak

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An alien spaceship lands on Alpha, asking for help for one of their crew. The alien captain, Sahala, helps Helena bring out her injured colleague, Yesta.

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But when Sahala meets Maya she immediately stuns her. Their ship is transporting a Psychon criminal, Dorzak, to exile, and she insists Psychons are dangerous. Tony is furious with her, and reluctantly she agrees to revive Maya. Sahala is placed in detention, where she tells Alan Carter how their third crew member, Clea, had attempted to release Dorzak. Yesta found out but was attacked by Clea. Clea then realised her folly and ejected herself from an airlock.

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Tony insists Sahala give them access to her ship. They find a small capsule, and Dorzak in stasis.

Meanwhile Helena operates on Yesta. She finds a small capsule in her head and removes it. When Yesta wakes, she cries out that Dorzak is not a criminal, then dies.

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Maya releases Dorzak.

Meanwhile, Tony discovers the capsule he found blocks telepathic commands. Helena verifies that Sahala has one in her head, as Yesta did until she removed it during surgery. Maya is told, but is sceptical that Dorzak could be evil. Tony suggests only when Dorzak and Sahala are alone would the truth come out.

Maya transforms into Sahala, but in the meeting Dorzak realises Sahala is Maya. He uses his telepathic power on her to reveal the secret of transformation. As Maya, Dorzak announces that Sahala was right. Dorzak -in reality Maya- is placed in stasis.

Alan and Sahala come to the ship, but it is a trap.

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Dorzak commands Helena to remove Sahala's capsule, so noone can resist him. But he is defeated when his telepathic power has no hold over Tony.

Later Tony undergoes surgery to remove the spare capsule that was placed in his head, enabling him to resist Dorzak.

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