The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

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Il Pianeta Del Diavolo - Devil's Planet

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Koenig and Blake Maine answer a distress call from a planet, but they find only dead bodies. They are astounded when a live alien appears in a transport booth, emerges and immediately dies. They leave the planet, but a forcefield around the planet moon causes them to crash on the alien moon.

Leaving the wreckage, they see another alien fleeing for his life from women with electric whips. The man is caught. Maine is killed when he stumbles into a forcefield and Koenig is captured.

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Elizia rules the penal colony on the moon, Entra, and her warders are the women with whips. She orders a prisoner released, and he enters the transmission booth. Unseen by the prison colony, he dies when he emerges from the booth on the planet.

Elizia orders the mind of Koenig probed.

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After Elizia is satisfied he is no threat, Koenig is put in a prison cell with other prisoners. They think he is a spy from Elizia and attack him, but the warders rescue him. Elizia tells Koenig that prisoners can leave the moon if they escape the hunt, in which her warders chase the prisoner.

Koenig tries to escape the hunt, using a fire extinguisher from the Eagle wreck against the warders. He returns to Elizia and enters the transport booth, challenging her to follow him and bring him back. He transports to the planet.

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The warders and prisoners are suspicious of Elizia as they have heard nothing from the home planet. Reluctantly she agrees to follow Koenig and transports to the planet. Koenig watches her die when she arrives. He summons an Eagle to rescue him.

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