The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

Thanks to Marcy

Il Lampo Che Uccide - The Immunity Syndrome

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A team of Alphans is exploring a new planet. Tony and another Alphan, Lustig, find a glade but a brilliant light causes them to go insane. Lustig is killed in a struggle and Tony escapes. Koenig eventually finds Tony, but he is desperately sick.

Meanwhile Alan and others have found an alien structure nearby, but they cannot open the door.

An Eagle returns Tony to Moonbase Alpha for treatment.

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Alphans drink the planet's water, but are poisoned and killed. Comlocks explode. And the Eagle that is carrying Tony catches fire and crashes back to the planet.

Koenig and Alan survive the crash. The planet's environment is turning against them, and the corrosion has stranded them.

By using solar cells, the Alphans manage to open the door to the alien structure. Inside they find an alien skeleton.

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Koenig finds data cartridges which play a recording by the alien, Zoran. He too was exploring the planet, when they encountered an entity that sent his crew mad. Zoran explains they tried to communicate with the entity by wearing a protective suit, but it was flawed and he too became sick.

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The Alphans find Zoran's suit. Meanwhile, Maya and Helena fly down to the planet surface in a corrosion resistant glider.

They help Koenig put on Zoran's suit, with additional eye protection. Koenig talks to the entity. It does not understand the concept of individuality and is horrifed that it has killed others. Unable to bear the grief, it dies. The corrosive effects of the planet end, and Eagles rescue the Alphans. Tony recovers.

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