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The Immunity Syndrome

Devil's Planet Year 2 - Episode 23 The Dorcons

Writer Johnny Byrne
Director Bob Brooks
Guest Stars Nadim Sawalha, Karl Held
Original Title The Face Of Eden
Belgium (Flemish) Gifplaneet
Denmark Zorans skæbne The Fate of Zoran
France/Canada Le syndrome de l'immunité The syndrome of immunity
Germany Zoran's Schicksal Zoran's Fate
Italy Il Lampo che Uccide The Lightning Bolt That Kills
Japan Mysterious Space Intelligence
Poland Syndrom odpornosci
Portugal O Sindroma da Imunidade The Immunity Syndrome
Portugal O Planeta sem Esperança Planet Without Hope
Spain El sindrome de inmunidad Symptoms of immunity

Commander Koenig and company find what appears to be a habitable planet; but it is ruled by a single being who, in its efforts to make contact with the Alphans, unwittingly puts them in peril of their lives! ITC summary


The Immunity Syndrome


Int. Command Centre
Int. Medical Centre
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section
Ext/Int. Glider Cockpit

Ext. Base Camp
Ext. Structure
Ext. Clearing
Ext. Planet Surface


The Immunity Syndrome
The Immunity Syndrome

The planet is the same Apollo 17 photograph of Earth used as Ellna in Devil's Planet.





2310 days after leaving Earth orbit (Mon 9 Jan 2006)

Alpha Personnel:

4 fatalities, Lustig, Les Johnson, 2 others. The two unnamed Survey Alphans who die will reappear on Alpha in The Dorcons (Harry Fielder and Paul Barton).

Alpha Technology:

The Immunity Syndrome


The Immunity Syndrome

Eagle 1 (disintegrated on ground); 4 ("Survey", crashed); 3 (Fraser)

Maya transformations:



Unnamed planet


Zoran, a humanoid. Alien force.



The Immunity Syndrome

The alien may actually be humanoid... The flashing light effect seems to be created by a studio technician moving a round mirror, standing behind a plant. At normal speed, the flashing light and violently moving camera make him hard to see, but he can just be seen in individual frames.


Koenig's original shield suit
The Immunity Syndrome

Landau, Tate and Schell laughing on set. Photo thanks to Mark Shaw.



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