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Photo from book on Danish TV in the 1970s. Thanks to Peter Ravn.

Titled Månebase Alpha ("Moonbase Alpha"), the series was shown on Denmark Radio (the only TV channel at the time). It was shown from November 1976 on Saturday evening prime time, alternated with Kojak and Columbo. After 4 episodes, it was moved to Sunday early evening at 6pm, but a controversial episode (Force Of Life) aroused press condemnation for horrific elements. After one more episode in January 1977 the series was withdrawn. From May to July 1977 six Year Two episodes were shown.

Andrea Gualco remembers watching The Immunity Syndrome. During the very first minutes there was a technical problem and the episode transmission was interrupted. After a while the episode resumed.

In 1979, Destination Moonbase Alpha was shown in cinemas. The premiere of Angrebet på Månebase Alpha ("Attack on Moonbase Alpha") was May 10th, 1979 in the now defunct cinema Saga in Copenhagen. Thanks to Peter Ravn.

Nr Date Time Danish Title Original Title
1 16 Oct 1976 Sat 22:40 Løsrivelse Breakaway Breakaway
2 06 Nov 1976 Sat 22:05 Fare for kollision Danger of Collision Collision Course
3 27 Nov 1976 Sat 21:55 Den sorte sol The Black Sun Black Sun
4 18 Dec 1976 Sat 21:40 Rumhjernen Space Brain Space Brain
5 02 Jan 1977 Sun 18:00 Et Rumbarn Space Child Alpha Child
6 09 Jan 1977 Sun 18:00 Livskraft Life Force Force Of Life
7 16 Jan 1977 Sun 18:00 Retur til Jorden? Return to Earth? Earthbound
8 29 Apr 1977 Fri 22:10 Slut på evigheden End Of Eternity End Of Eternity
9 17 May 1977 Tue 21:35 Metamorfose Metamorphosis The Metamorph
10 23 May 1977 Mon 21:20 Eksil Exile The Exiles
11 06 Jun 1977 Mon 21:35 Farligt Mineral Dangerous Mineral All That Glisters
12 27 Jun 1977 Mon 21:45 Pupperne Chrysalis The AB Chrysalis
13 11 Jul 1977 Mon 20:55 Zorans skæbne The Fate of Zoran The Immunity Syndrome
14 25 Jul 1977 Mon 21:00 Balance Balance A Matter Of Balance

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In the 1990s the Danish station TV3 broadcast the entire Year 1 in English.

(information from Keld R. Hansen, and Peter Ravn)

Jan Wenneberg Eagle

On 15-16 April 2023, Sci-Fi Con in Randers, Denmark featured a huge replica Eagle built by Jan Wenneberg. The Eagle is 7.5 metres (25ft) long, 750 kgs (0.8 tons) and accurate to the dimensions of the studio models.

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Images thanks to Jan Wenneberg, Elmar Brand

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