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Force of Life

Guardian of Piri Year 1 - Episode 9 Alpha Child

Screenplay by Johnny Byrne
Directed by David Tomblin
Guest Artist Gay Hamilton
Guest Star Ian McShane
Belgium (Flemish) Levenskracht 11 May 1977
Denmark Livskraft 9 Jan 1977
France/Canada Puissance de vie Force Of Life 9 Oct 1976
Germany Das blaue Licht The Blue Light 18 Dec 1977
Italy Forza vitale Life Force 1 Jul 1976
Japan True Colour of the Space Freezing Man 8 May 1977
Netherlands Levenskracht 28 Jul 1978
Portugal A Força Vital The Vital Force 12 Feb 1977
South Africa'n Vreemde Lewenskrag A Strange Being6 Jan 1978
Spain La fuerza de la vida The force Of life6 Jan 1977
Hungary A titokzatos energia 21 Apr 1977
USA (Los Angeles) 4 Oct 1975
USA (New York) 18 Oct 1975
USA (San Francisco) 4 Oct 1975
UK (ATV) 11 Sep 1975
UK (LWT) 13 Sep 1975

A terrifying force from Outer Space brings freezing death to Alpha personnel. One man has been chosen as the instrument of destruction. ITC summary


Force Of Life


Force Of Life


Library tracks:

Roger Roger was born 1911, and died 1995. The French composer produced a large range of library music used in film and television. He was a pioneer of electronic music, using the Moog synthesizers that first appeared in the late 1960s. He used many different aliases, including Cecil Leuter (a name he used especially for electronic scores). "Videotronics no.3" is also used in End Of Eternity. Another track by Roger appears in The Infernal Machine.

Georges Teperino was born 1912, and died 1994. The French musician was another pioneer in electronic music. He usually recorded under the name Nino Nardini, and was a close friend and collaborator of Roger Roger. "Cosmic Sounds No. 1" is also used in End Of Eternity. "Cosmic Sounds No. 3" is also used in The Last Enemy, but slowed down.

Giampiero Boneschi (born 1927, died 2019) was an Italian conductor and composer, working with many Italian record labels and RAI, the Italian broadcaster. This track is heard playing when Zoref enters the solarium; it was released on the 1973 Chappell record "Sounds Electronic".


Force Of Life



Alpha Personnel:

4 fatalities, Anton Zoref, Hilary Preston, Mark Dominix, guard.

Force Of Life Force Of Life Force Of Life

Alpha Technology:

Force Of Life






The life force. Not humanoid.


Force Of Life Force Of Life Force Of Life


Force Of Life Force Of Life

Some prints of this episode (such as the US laserdiscs) show an on-screen microphone top left during the opening shot of Koenig and Bergman. On the DVDs (all versions), the frame is zoomed in so the microphone is not seen. Thanks to James Poll.


Force Of Life



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