The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Forza Vitale - Force Of Life


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A blue light moves over Alpha. Meanwhile, technician Anton Zoref starts his shift at Nuclear Generating Area 3. The light enters the area and he collapses. Main Mission detects the power surge and they find Zoref unconscious.

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Confined to his quarters to recover, Zoref is irritable and moody, warning his wife away from him. Bored, he goes back to work to meet his colleague Dominix. Zoref staggers, and Dominix steadies him, freezing to the spot. Confused and frightened, Zoref staggers through the Moonbase corridors. A girl runs away from him, as he strides after her, possessed by a strange force that drains energy from the corridor lights. Trapped at the end of a corridor, she screams.

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Zoref's wife, Eva, visits Helena in Medical, wondering where he is. They find him in the solarium, lying under the hot lights. By cutting the power, Zoref cannot draw the energy to attack them.

Zoref is secured in a Medical ward, but he breaks the restraints. Helena narrowly avoids being frozen, but a guard is not so lucky.

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In a dark corridor, Eva finds Zoref, but he does not seem to recognise her. At the last moment, Alan snatches her away and Zoref is hit by lasers.

Although burned by the lasers, its energy has given him strength. Zoref enters the Nuclear Generating Area and opens the reactor. The reactor building explodes, but Moonbase is safe.

Helena consoles Eva.

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