The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Gli Occhi Di Tritone - Ring Around The Moon


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A globe of light appears in the space sky. Technician Ted Clifford stops his work by a window to go to the computer. He types rapidly, as the Alphans try to stop him, then abruptly dies. A voice from the sphere announces they are prisoners of the planet Triton.

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Alan flies an Eagle to the sphere. A light forcefield hits the Eagle, and it returns to crash on the Moon near the base. Koenig and Helena lead a team of astronauts to the crash site, but Helena is struck by a ball of light and disappears.

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In the sphere, Helena is told she will be their servant.

Koenig and Alan fly to the sphere again, with an Eagle forcefield, but the aliens still keep them away. Helena is returned to the Moonbase, but Mathias finds their is a ball of light in her brain. She is activated by the Tritonians, and goes to Main Mission where she starts typing like Clifford.

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Victor realises the planet Triton was destroyed when its sun exploded. Koenig has a plan to deactivate computer so they have enough time to penetrate the Triton forcefield

The plan works and the Eagle gets inside the sphere. Koenig and security guards move into the void, but in a flash of light the guards are gone. Koenig tells the Tritonians their planet is dead. The sphere starts to disintegrate, and they run back to the Eagle. As they fly home, the sphere explodes.

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