The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Gli Amanti Dello Spazio - Missing Link


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Returning from a mission to an alien planet, an Eagle crashes and Koenig is unconscious, seriously injured.

Koenig finds himself in an dream-like hall of light, where he meets Raan and his daughter Vana, and is shown their city on the planet Zenno.

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Raan creates a version of Koenig's quarters on Alpha.

Koenig wakes up in Medical and is greeted by Victor, who is acting strangely. Koenig realises it is an illusion by Raan. Suddenly he is being assaulted by aliens, then he is strapped in a chair in an empty void.

A colleague of Raan is concerned that his experiments in fear may push Koenig too far.

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Koenig falls in love with Raan's daighter, Vana, and decides to stay on Zenno. Raan shows him Sandra, who he has also brought from the Eagle crash, to convince him that his place is on Alpha.

On Moonbase Alpha, Koenig is still in a coma and Helena has decided to allow him to die. As she unplugs the life support, he wakes up.

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