The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Un Altro Tempo Un Altro Luogo - Another Time, Another Place


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The Moon enters a space warp; they experience coloured lights and double images as it shakes them.

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The Alphans awaken, apparently unharmed. Only one Alphan is taken to Medical: Regina Kesslann. She has a strange delusion that she is living on a planet. In her mind, she is married to Alan Carter, but both he and Koenig are dead.

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The Alphans discover they are back in the solar system, heading to Earth.

To break Regina's delusion Helena asks Alan Carter to visit Medical. She is ecstatic, then confused and Helena has to sedate her. Alan sees the picture she was painting, of her life on the planet.

Regina has a horrifying dream in which she meets herself. In Main Mission, the staff celebrate as the Moon re-enters Earth orbit. Regina arrives in pyjamas, very distressed.

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Regina dies before them. Alan takes her body away.

There is another Moon orbiting the Earth, and the two Moons will collide. Koenig and Alan travel to the other Moon, and find a duplicate Moonbase Alpha. Nearby is the wreck of an Eagle, with the bodies of two Alphans: themselves.

Koenig, Alan and Helena fly down to Earth. They find a settlement, just like Regina's painting, and Alphans: Helena, Sandra, Victor.

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The Earth Alphans describe how they abandoned their Alpha to settle on the Earth, and how Koenig and Alan were lost in an Eagle returning to the base. Alan finds the grave of the Earth Regina, who died at the same time as Regina on Alpha.

But the two sets of Alphans cannot exist together, and the Earth Helena dies after meeting the Alpha Helena. Paul leads the Earth Alphans in insisting that Koenig, Alan and Helena return to the Moonbase. They wave goodbye as the Eagle leaves.

The Moons collide, but the space warp appears again, projecting the Moon back into deep space.

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