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Another Time, Another Place

Earthbound Year 1 - Episode 6 Missing Link

Screenplay by Johnny Byrne
Directed by David Tomblin
Guest Artist Judy Geeson
Belgium (Flemish) Splitsing 2 Feb 1977
France/Canada Autre temps, autre lieu Another Time, Another Place 2 Apr 1977
Germany Fast weider daheim Almost Back Again 12 Feb 1978
Italy Un altro tempo, un altro luogo Another Time, Another Place 7 Mar 1976
Japan When the Moon Splits into Two 24 Jul 1977
Netherlands Tijd en Plaats onbekend Time And Place Unknown 4 Aug 1978
Poland W innym miejscu, w innym czasie 1 Apr 1977
Portugal Outro Tempo, Outro Local Another Time, Another Place 5 Mar 1977
Spain Otro tiempo, otro lugar Another Time, Another Place30 Dec 1976
South AfricaAnder Tyd, Ander Plek Other Time, Other Place20 Jan 1978
Sweden 10 Jul 1976
USA (New York) 8 Feb 1976
USA (San Francisco) 21 Feb 1976
UK (ATV) 18 Dec 1975
UK (LWT) 6 Mar 1976

An eerie phenomenon grips the moon. Moonbase Alpha Personnel become duplicated and come face to face with their future selves on Earth again. But for how long? ITC summary


Another Time, Another Place


Int. Main Mission (& alternative Main Mission)
Int. Command Office
Int. Diagnostic Unit
Int. Alpha Corridor (& alternative corridor)
Int. Eagle Pilot Section (& alternative Eagle Pilot Section)
Int. Eagle Passenger Section

Ext. Earth Surface
Int. Living Unit

Kano's desk will not appear in Main Mission until Missing Link.


Another Time, Another Place This Episode

Large domes (greenhouses?) are seen in the This Episode segment of the titles; these are not in the episode.

Another Time, Another Place Eagle

The scene where the crew leave the "full sized" Eagle is reused in The Testament Of Arkadia. The Eagle is a foreground cut-out. It was filmed at Bray Studios, using stand-ins, on Monday 8th July 1974, during the filming of the episode Alpha Child.

Unused special effects from the episode. More SFX footage

Two Moons Two Moons Two Moons




Another Time, Another Place

It would be hard enough to fit two brains in one skull, let alone wire them both in. This over-literal detail was added over writer Johnny Byrne's objections. The thermographic scans seem to show just two hemispheres of a normal brain.

Another Time, Another Place



Alpha Personnel:

Another Time, Another Place

1 fatality, Regina Kesslann.

The "Earth" Alphans suffered several fatalities: John Koenig, Alan Carter, Regina Kesslann, Helena Russell.

Alpha Technology:


Unnumbered Eagles travel to the second Moon and Earth


Earth (a future or alternative future?). This is the Earth, but not the world we knew. It's an Earth where perhaps we never existed. Or perhaps we have yet to be born.




Another Time, Another Place Another Time, Another Place

The background is mismatched in this sequence. In long shot, Helena (or her double) is immediately in front of the door. In close up, she is some distance in front of it. Also, the double's hair style is much "bigger" than Barbara Bain's (thanks to James C.).
Also note: Alpha's gravity towers (as seen in Black Sun) are seen on Earth. Why? Perhaps they function as radiation shields.




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