The Catacombs The Character Guide
by Martin Willey

Victor Bergman

Bergman at desk
Character Name Victor Bergman
Played by Barry Morse
Sex M
Approx. Age 56
Section None
Episodes 24 episodes
24 title credits

Breakaway Victor Bergman
Matter Of Life And Death Victor Bergman
Black Sun Victor Bergman
Ring Around The Moon Victor Bergman
Earthbound Victor Bergman
Another Time, Another Place Victor Bergman
Missing Link Victor Bergman
Guardian Of Piri Victor Bergman
Force Of Life Victor Bergman
Alpha Child Victor Bergman
The Last Sunset Victor Bergman
Voyager's Return Victor Bergman
Collision Course Victor Bergman
Death's Other Dominion Victor Bergman
The Full Circle Victor Bergman
End Of Eternity Victor Bergman
War Games Victor Bergman
The Last Enemy Victor Bergman
The Troubled Spirit Victor Bergman
Space Brain Victor Bergman
The Infernal Machine Victor Bergman
Mission Of The Darians Victor Bergman
Dragon's Domain Victor Bergman
The Testament Of Arkadia Victor Bergman

Koenig and Bergman

Victor's birthdate and age varies according to source:

The early character name in the early script Zero G was Science Officer Dr. Marc Miller. "Doctor of space research, his vast knowledge of space science gives him a key position in Moon City." In the early guidelines, he was named Professor Danilo Sabatini "Ast-Phy" (astrophysics?), an "interesting and wise Italian astrophysicist in his late fifties". Koenig was one of Sabatini's students. By the next guidelines he was English "Professor (name to be decided)". In the early Siren Planet script he was Professor Penmarric.

Bergman has an artificial heart (Black Sun, Force Of Life, Guardian Of Piri, The Infernal Machine). He is an astronomer (discovered planet Ultra in 1994, Dragon's Domain) and a physicist (responsible for the artificial gravity systems used by Alpha and their protective forcefield built in Black Sun). After 1997 he was "grounded", but was back on Alpha by 1999 (Breakaway). Science advisor on various exploration parties (Earthbound, End Of Eternity, Mission Of The Darians, Death's Other Dominion, The Testament Of Arkadia) and sits on command conferences. Enthusiastic about science (Voyager's Return, Death's Other Dominion).

Featured in all 24 Year 1 episodes. He was mentioned in the scripts of The Metamorph (Simon Hayes: "One lousy spacesuit with a faulty helmet and Victor had to be in it.") and Catacombs Of The Moon (they are reconstructing the Bergman artificial heart, not the Dorfmann).

Black Sun

In Survival by Brian Ball (Powys, 2005), Bergman is propelled into space during a battle, his suit torn and losing air. The Alphans are unable to find the body. Unknown to them, the epilogue shows the alien scientist Yendys seeing Bergman healing in a stasis chamber within the living ship Susurra. The book names Bergman's former wife as Dorothy.

In the short film The Return of Victor Bergman (recorded 2002, first seen 2010), Barry Morse reprises the role of Bergman, recording a Moonbase Alpha status report in 2030.

"Alright, Nordstrom. We're watching you closely." (Breakaway)
"I haven't enjoyed a picture that much in a long time." (Matter Of Life And Death)
"I suppose we...all believe what we want to believe. Perhaps that's what reality is." (Black Sun)
"Maybe I've had enough of Earth and its so called civilisation." (Earthbound)
"We believe that revenge, sanctioned by authority, is also the sign of a debased culture." (Voyager's Return)
"Because, we have learned many things, but most of all, we have learned ..we still have much to learn." (War Games)
"I'm having trouble calculating our seasonal variations, but just instinctively I'd say it was spring." (The Last Sunset)

Publicity shot in Bergman's quarters, LQ12. The papers in front of him mention "Engines", "Petrol 1660, 23 Gallons", "Compartments".

Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway

First appearance in Breakaway. He is the first regular actor to appear. The episode establishes a close relationship with Koenig.

Black Sun Ring Around The Moon Death's Other Dominion

Bergman the scientist

Black Sun War Games

Bergman the humanist

Missing Link The Full Circle

Bergman in action

Black Sun Guardian Of Piri Force Of Life The Infernal Machine

Heart problems.

Black Sun

Victor likes a drink

Black Sun

Also fond of cigars

Black Sun

He feels old.

Space Brain

Arguing with Koenig

Another Time, Another Place

Alternative Bergman on Earth

Dragon's Domain

Flashback to 1996

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