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Fanderson's Earthfall Powys Earthfall

Original novel freely adapted from Breakaway

The Fanderson edition has three section headings (there is no table of contents)

Powys edition has forewords by Anton Phillips, Lisa John, Philip Harbottle, afterword by Ian Sharpe

Orbit: (no nbr; pp5-284) ISBN 0 8600 7940 6 Mar 1977 ; 80p (Can $2.50)
Century 21 Books: (pp9-301) Nov 2002; £9.95
Powys: (pp1-449) ISBN 978 1 7334561 4 2 January 2022

The epic story of Moonbase Alpha

When the atomic waste dumps on the far side of the Moon exploded, blasting the Moon out of Earth orbit and into another dimension, incredible adventures lay in wait for the utterly unprepared staff of Moonbase Alpha, the elite of Earth's scientists and technicians.

Here is the story of the base from that devastating blast out of Earth orbit to the moment when, after heartbreaking disappointment and breathtaking adventures in search of a new home, the second generation of Alphans return to a shattered Earth.

An epic adventure based on ATV's spectacular SPACE 1999

On the Moon, 13 men have died in mysterious circumstances and John Koenig is assigned to determine the cause.

What he discovers has disastrous consequences for the personnel of Moonbase Alpha when an asteroid composed entirely of antimatter collides with radioactive waste pits on the lunar surface, hurling the Moon into an alternative dimension!

This is the epic story of Moonbase Alpha, from the breakaway disaster which leaves the survivors lost in a strange universe of hostile lifeforms, to decades later when the second generation of Alphans returns to a shattered Earth.

Based on the spectacular ATV series SPACE: 1999 produced by Gerry Anderson and starring Martin Landau & Barbara Bain, EARTHFALL is a classic science-fiction novel from one of the masters of the genre.

Powys Earthfall back

The Singular Re-imagining of the Alphans Epic Journey

A hellbroth born of the Earth's atomic waste and the Universe's own fury propels the men and women of Moonbase Alpha into a dimension where the familiar is torn away and the unimaginable awaits. Newly-assigned Commander John Koenig must lead the orphaned colony as they seek to adapt and survive with little hope of ever finding a new home.

Originally published in 1977, Powys Media presents E.C. Tubb's re-imagining of the cataclysmic event of September 13, 1999 and its consequences. Here, the Moon and its inhabitants not only leave Earth's orbit, but Time and Space are shifted towards the fantastic. In the new dimension where they find themselves, a single flinch can cost a man his life, lunar caverns hold a secret as mysterious as the pyramids of ancient Egypt, and the Alphans must face the reality that the greatest threat to their continued existence may come from within.

And looming above, a great black void pulls them and a new generation of Alphans into the maw of what may be their very destruction.

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