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Fanderson's Earthbound Powys Earthfall

Contents: (Powys page numbers in parenthesis):

Century 21 Books No ISBN 22 August 2003; £7.75
Powys ISBN 978-1-7334561-8-0 November 2022; $20
Fanderson and Powys editions Powys bookshelf

The Powys edition has a blue spine, unlike the standard titles. The Fanderson edition is larger (128mm x 198mm) than the Powys edition (108mm x 175mm, standard with other Powys titles).

Earthbound back

Blasted from Earth orbit by the explosion of radioactive waste pits on the lunar surface, the Moon has passed through a black sun into a strange, distant universe where few of the accepted laws of astrophysics apply. The stranded inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha have become interstellar wanderers, facing many hostile alien forces in their search for a new home.

The arrival of aliens from a dying planet offers the chance for one Alphan to travel with them to their final destination - Earth! Planet Eden promises to bring the Alphans' long journey to an end, but the members of a survey team are stranded when their paradise suddenly becomes a living hell! A pair of alien exiles plan to use Moonbase Alpha as a platform from which to launch an invasion of their homeworld!

Published for the first time, EARTHBOUND is the latest exciting novel based on the spectacular ATV series SPACE:1999 produced by Gerry Anderson and starring Martin Landau & Barbara Bain.

Earthbound back

E.C. Tubb’s Earthbound—originally published in a very small print run by Century 21 Books (Fanderson) and only available to club members—is now available to everyone in this new edition from Powys Media. The novel features the long-awaited novelization of Earthbound—the only episode not included in the original 1970s books based on the first series of SPACE:1999. Also featured are novelizations of two early scripts written for the second series but with the format and characters of the first: The Face of Eden (which would later be rewritten and filmed as The Immunity Syndrome) and The Exiles.

A darker, grittier take on the series, these stories give fans a glimpse into an alternate literary universe through the inimitable storytelling of E.C. Tubb. Similar in tone to Earthfall, his epic reimagining/retelling of Breakaway, Earthbound pulls no punches and is a window into what Year Two could have been had the format and cast not changed.

Earthbound exists outside of canon, but it is also freed from the restrictions of canon. E.C. Tubb was given a free hand and has made these episodes his own. Readers may think they know these stories, but this novel may surprise them!

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