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Character Name Simmonds
Played by Roy Dotrice
Sex M
Approx. Age 52
Status Deceased
Section Visitor
Episodes 2 episodes
2 title credits

Breakaway Commissioner Simmonds Title credit
Earthbound Commissioner Simmonds Title credit

In the scripts and episodes, no first name is given, although E C Tubb named him "Gerald" in his novelisation.

Image thanks to Shaqui

He was scripted to appear in Dragon's Domain, but Roy Dotrice was not available to film the role in January 1975, so the lines were assigned to Commissioner Dixon, a predecessor.

"Ah, John. Well, you're signed, sealed and approved."
"John. The Meta Probe astronaut virus infection mustn't be allowed to stop us. We must make a manned landing on Meta. Nothing must stop us. Nothing. Good luck."
"Atomic waste disposal is one of the biggest problems of our time."
"We have to hold that story in. We have to. The International Lunar Finance Committee Meeting on the fifteenth. To discuss the Meta signals and, in particular, our probe. Now, if one word, one hint, of failure leaks out, they'll immediately abandon their support for our whole project. So just remember that."
"My office tried to query you about your Emergency Code Alpha One. You didn't seem to be available."
"Well, I must say it does look pretty promising to me. Well done. Now, I have to issue a communique sooner or later. Well, it'll give us more time to consider our next move."

Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway

"Impossible? The impossible takes just a little longer, that's all, Commander."
"Hope is the key to morale. We should maintain it, we should exploit it, ruthlessly, in order to achieve what should be our sole objective. Going home."
"I represent Earth authority here on Moonbase Alpha. And, in that capacity, may I say...welcome."
"None of you thought we had a chance. This is it. All we need is the courage, the vision, .. and the leadership to seize their ship."
"You know, I've been a politician all my life. I don't believe in chance."
"I got to being Commissioner by doing what was necessary, not what was right. Now you have fifteen minutes to persuade your alien friends or freeze."
"Hello Earth. Hello, Earth. This is Commissioner Simmonds returning home. After seventy five years!"

Earthbound Earthbound Earthbound

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