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Alien Seed Alien Seed Eagle One Media Alien Seed Powys

Original Novel

Orbit: (nbr 7; pp5-138) ISBN 0 8600 7905 8 Aug 1976 ; 50p (Can $1.50)
Arthur Barker: (no nbr; pp5-138) ISBN 0 213 16601 1 Dec 1976 ; £3.65
Pocket: (nbr 7; pp7-160) 0-671-80520-7; Jun 1976 ; $1.50
Eagle One Media: (nbr 1; pp196) 0-9714785-0-3;
Artwork cover by Michelangelo Cicerone
Foreword by E C Tubb
Moonbase Alpha guide, Eagle guide
Jan 2002 ; $5.99
Powys (256pp) ISBN 978-1-7334561-2-8
Foreword by Philip Harbottle
Afterword by David Spencer
December 2020; $20

Tubb and his agent adapted the book into a non-Space: 1999 novella, Child of Space. The setting was Moonbase One in the 22nd century, still orbiting the Earth, with a fleet of Pinnace ships. Characters included Commander Mark Regan, Doctor Elna Mitchell, Professor Trevor Boardman, Pierre Versin, Adam Carver, Amanda Barnes and Joshua Kanu. This was published in The E C Tubb Boxset, published by Lume Books, 29 Dec 2016.

Following the mind-staggering nuclear explosion which has sent the moon and its research station, Alpha deep into space, Commander Koenig and his dedicated group of scientists have kept the base going and survived crisis after crisis.

Now a huge, mysterious object crashes into the moon a few miles from the research base. A search party goes out to investigate and almost at once there starts a series of terrifying adventures which look like putting an end to the moon base's incredible odyssey.

ALIEN SEED is the seventh in this exciting series based on ATV's spectacular SPACE 1999.


The fantastic intergalactic odyssey of the courageous men and women of Moonbase Alpha comes to a terrifying climax when the space wanderers confront the ultimate alien world.

A silent planet of never-ending night, its smooth, mysterious surface is thick with an ancient space dust.

And buried under the cloak of darkness are innocent-looking pods. Are they the seeds of new hope for Alpha, or of an incredible nightmare no one has ever before dared to imagine?

Barker flyleaf

In an underground hall, gouged out of the lunar rock, the scientists at Moonbase Alpha have a created a miniature section of earth, with simulated lighting to add to the natural effect. A strange object from outer space threatens to destroy this and the whole base, as it heads towards the moon on a collision course. Commander Koenig, persuaded by the scientists not to destroy it, causes it to land several miles from the base. But what is it?

To those deflect its course it is a fascinating thing, surrounded by a gossamer-like substance. To the scientists who examine it, it is like a strange pod, almost impossible to take samples from and containing spherical seeds about the size of a grapefruit. To those who guard the wreck and the seeds it becomes a thing of menace and destruction. And for one girl on the base it is the cause of alien configurations in her brain patterns.

The pod disappears. The menace increases. Some hostile creature came in it with the seeds, a hideous creature which will destroy all to satisfy its hunger unless it can be destroyed... And the seeds themselves - why do all the seedlings but one die as they grow in the great hall ? What is the strange creature that emerges in human form from the survivor? What effect will her strange powers ultimately have on the base?

Eagle One Media back cover

As Moonbase Alpha hurtles through space, an unrelenting chain of events threatens its very existence.

A rogue asteroid on course toward certain collision, a deadly plague decimating the crew with systematic precision, and the hypnotic presence of a mysterious female creature - was there a hidden connection and would Commander John Koenig, Doctor Helena Russell and Professor Victor Bergman discover the secret in time to thwart imminent destruction?

SPACE: 1999 ALIEN SEED is a fast-paced original novel based on the classic science fiction television series.

Powys back cover

From the void of interstellar space a mysterious object is on a collision course with Alpha. Too ornate to be just a wandering rock, is it a ship, a living artefact, a tomb? Contained within it are both an unstoppable horror that threatens to destroy Alpha and alien seeds that give rise to a new threat: a thing of beauty, at once graceful and insidious that preys on the blood of those in its thrall and threatens the lives everyone on Alpha.

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