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Black Sun

Matter of Life and Death Year 1 - Episode 3 Ring Around the Moon

Screenplay by David Weir
Directed by Lee H Katzin
Guest Artist Paul Jones
Belgium (Flemish) De Zwarte Zon
Denmark Den sorte sol
France/Canada Le soleil noir The Black Sun
Germany Die schwarze Sonne The Black Sun
Italy Sole nero Black Sun
Japan Black Sun - a Black hole
Portugal O Sol negro Black Sun
Sweden Black Sun Black Sun
South Africa Die Swart Son The Black Sun
Spain Sol negro Black Sun

Terror in Outer Space confronts the breakaway moon personnel when on a collision course with an all-devouring "black sun."

Original (inaccurate) ITC summary: Terror in Outer Space confronts the breakaway moon personnel when on a collision course with an asteroid which suddenly burns out and becomes all-devouring "black sun".


Black Sun


Int. Main Mission
Int. Command Office
Int. Victor's Quarters
Int. Computer Room
Int. Main Power Unit
Int. Intensive Care Unit
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section

Ext. Moon Surface
Int. Black Sun Void

Main Mission is in the early layout with steps to the viewports (there is a slight change in Ring Around The Moon; the new layout is in Earthbound).

The Computer Room appears again (slightly different) in Space Brain.

The Main Power Unit set is seen again in Earthbound.


Black Sun



Black Sun



Alpha Personnel:

1 fatality: Mike Ryan.

Black Sun
Ancient Koenig
Black Sun
Ancient Bergman
Black Sun
Tanya with Paul

Alpha Technology:


Eagle 1 (Ryan, destroyed); 5 (lifeboat); Alan's laser Eagle. An empty pallet pod is seen on the launch pad alongside the lifeboat Eagle in one shot.




Cosmic Intelligence in Black Sun.


Black Sun

This interior scene shows the Eagle docked to the starboard side- yet external views show the Eagle docked from the port side (the exception is the lift-off). Note the wooden base of the box is visible here.


Black Sun


Black Sun

Bergman gestures to camera


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