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Toshiro Fujita

Toshiro Fujita

Black Sun
Character Name Toshiro Fujita
Played by Vincent Wong
Sex M
Section Technical / Medical
Episodes 4 episodes
Black Sun Communications Controller Toshiro Fujita
Force Of Life Medic
Alpha Child Medic
End Of Eternity Dr Fujita

A Communications Controller with a brown sleeve according to Black Sun, he was one of those selected for the lifeboat. In other episodes (Force Of Life, Alpha Child, End Of Eternity) he is a medic (Helena's deputy was originally named Dr Fujita, but he seems mainly to be an orderly, moving patients around). In End Of Eternity he is named Dr Fujita in the call sheet, appearing only in the shot when Balor is brought into Medical (Mathias tells him to check Baxter).

Black Sun Force Of Life Alpha Child End Of Eternity

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