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Tony Allan

Tony Allan

Dragon's Domain
Character Name Tony Allan
Played by Tony Allyn
Sex M
Section Security
Episodes 20 episodes
Breakaway Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Matter Of Life And Death Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Black Sun Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Ring Around The Moon Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Earthbound Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Another Time, Another Place Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Missing Link Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Guardian Of Piri Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Force Of Life Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Alpha Child Security Guard (Tony Allan)
The Last Sunset Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Voyager's Return Security Guard (Tony Allan)
The Full Circle Security Guard (Tony Allan) / Caveman
End Of Eternity Security Guard (Tony Allan)
The Last Enemy Security Guard (Tony Allan)
The Troubled Spirit Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Space Brain Security Guard (Tony Allan)
The Infernal Machine Security Guard (Tony Allan)
Dragon's Domain Security Guard (Tony Allan)
The Testament Of Arkadia Security Guard (Tony Allan/ Irwin)


Tony's forename is given in Earthbound, and his surname Allan is seen on his helmet in Ring Around The Moon. In the script of The Testament Of Arkadia Tony and Quinton are named Irwin and N'Dole (Tony being Irwin), but they are not so named in dialogue. He is usually with Quinton; the only episodes they are not together are Another Time, Another Place (Tony only), Missing Link (Tony only), The Full Circle (Tony only), Black Sun (Quinton only) and The Last Sunset (Quinton only).

He is head of Security in Year 1 (and takes a place at the Command Conference in Guardian Of Piri).

His hair is short at the start of Year One. From The Full Circle he has a beard. He is clean shaven, but with longer hair, in the final two episodes, Dragon's Domain, and The Testament Of Arkadia. In certain scenes of The Last Enemy and Space Brain (filmed at the end of the series) he has a fake beard.

"Alright, come on! Keep it moving! Down to the shelters! Hurry up. Not much more time. Come on, hurry up. Keep it moving, down to the shelters." (Space Brain)
"We searched the whole section, Commander. There's no-one in here." (The Troubled Spirit)
"Commander. There's been an attack on the food store. Suspect, Anna Davis." (The Testament Of Arkadia)

Breakaway Ring Around The Moon Behind The Scenes
Breakaway When Nordstrom goes mad, Quinton and Allan are seen on the depot screen. "Get out there and bring Nordstrom in". When the breakaway starts, he is in a corridor with other Alphans (barely seen in the episode, but clearly seen in promotional photos) Breakaway
Matter Of Life And Death When Lee throws Mathias to the floor, Quinton and Allan are the guards who run to restrain him, and then guard him throughout the interrogation. Matter Of Life And Death
Black Sun Stacking boxes in Eagle passenger module. Black Sun
Ring Around The Moon In Eagle flight to Triton probe. Ring Around The Moon
Earthbound In Rescue Eagle. Earthbound
Another Time, Another Place Knocked out by Regina in the Moonbase corridor Another Time, Another Place
Missing Link Restrains Alan Carter in Medical Missing Link
Guardian Of Piri Takes part in Command Conference. On Piri he has his shirt off. Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri
Force Of Life With Koenig following Zoref. Force Of Life
Alpha Child In corridor when Jarak emerges; accompanies Koenig to Medical Alpha Child
The Last Sunset He is only seen on the lunar surface, with his shirt off. The Last Sunset The Last Sunset
Voyager's Return Pass Queller in corridor when he leaves Medical for the lab Voyager's Return
The Full Circle In first Eagle rescue party, he is transformed into caveman. Seen in Medical at end. The Full Circle
End Of Eternity In Main Mission, listens to Balor End Of Eternity
The Last Enemy In Travel Tube to meet Dione, later guards her in Command Office, and stands guard outside Sandra's door The Last Enemy
The Troubled Spirit In recital audience, and present throughout episode The Troubled Spirit
Space Brain With Mathias, follows Kelly Space Brain
The Infernal Machine Accompanies Alan with the supplies The Infernal Machine
Dragon's Domain In 1996 crowd. Recovers the black box in the Ultra Probe (1997?). On Eagle to dragon ship. Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain
The Testament Of Arkadia On Eagle mission to planet. The Testament Of Arkadia

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