The Catacombs Catacombs Character Guide
Security Section

Security Section

Alphan Actor Episodes Section Transfers
Guard Robert Case The Last Enemy
Guard James Leith Seed Of Destruction
Maxwell Craig John Clifford Breakaway +6
George Harry Fielder The A B Chrysalis +6 4
Lew Paul Weston Breakaway +3 3
Guard Jack Klaff Seed Of Destruction +2
Security Guard Joe Dunne The Beta Cloud +1
Security Guard John Judd Space Warp +1 2
Security Guard Colin Skeaping End Of Eternity +1 2
Security Guard 2 The Beta Cloud
Tony Allan Tony Allyn Breakaway +17
Carson Anthony Forrest The Mark Of Archanon
Guard Gerry Crampton Alpha Child +1
Les Johnson 2 Roy Everson Earthbound +5 2
Clive Kander Nick Hobbs Space Warp +1 2
Long The Mark Of Archanon +6
Bill Lowry Paul Antrim Mission Of The Darians
Martin The Beta Cloud
Morgan Brendan Price Catacombs Of The Moon
Pierce Quinton Quentin Pierre Breakaway +28
Security Lt Marc Zuber Black Sun +1 1

21 in section, 157 total

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