The Catacombs Catacombs Character Guide
Security Section

Security Section

Alphan Actor Episodes Section Transfers
Guard Robert Case The Last Enemy
Guard James Leith Seed Of Destruction
Guard John Clifford Breakaway +6
George Harry Fielder The A B Chrysalis +6 4
Lew Paul Weston Breakaway +3 3
Guard Jack Klaff Seed Of Destruction +2
Security Guard Joe Dunne The Beta Cloud +1
Security Guard John Judd Space Warp +1 2
Security Guard Colin Skeaping End Of Eternity +1 2
Security Guard 2 The Beta Cloud
Tony Allan Tony Allyn Breakaway +17
Carson Anthony Forrest The Mark Of Archanon
Guard Gerry Crampton Alpha Child +1
Les Johnson 2 Roy Everson Earthbound +5 2
Clive Kander Nick Hobbs Space Warp +1 2
Long The Mark Of Archanon +6
Bill Lowry Paul Antrim Mission Of The Darians
Martin The Beta Cloud
Morgan Brendan Price Catacombs Of The Moon
Pierce Quinton Quentin Pierre Breakaway +28
Security Lt Marc Zuber Black Sun +1 1

21 in section, 157 total

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