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John Clifford

John Clifford

The Dorcons
Character Name
Played by John Clifford
Sex M
Section Security / Technical / Reconnaissance
Breakaway Security Guard
Guardian Of Piri Security Guard
Force Of Life Alphan in Main Mission
Voyager's Return Astronaut in corridor
War Games Injured Alphan
The Troubled Spirit Security Guard in concert
The Dorcons Guard

Clifford was an unnamed Alphan usually seen in crowd scenes. In Year 2 he lost his moustache.

Breakaway Breakaway

Clifford is seen briefly at the end of Breakaway, helping another Alphan in Main Mission, seen behind Bergman.

Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri

In Guardian Of Piri he is very briefly in the corridor (he says "Good morning Sir" to Koenig), and then in Main Mission before Koenig pulls out the computer circuit boards. He is seen more clearly on Piri amongst the Alphans.

Force Of Life Force Of Life Force Of Life

In Force Of Life he is seen in Main Mission at the start and end of the episode wearing an orange sleeve and, unusually, a stun gun in holster. He is at the top of the steps behind Koenig and Bergman when they are all frozen in Main Mission.

Voyager's Return Voyager's Return

In Voyager's Return he is in a spacesuit walking through the corridors with another astronaut, when Queller bumps into him.

War Games War Games

In War Games he is in Medical Centre with a injured left arm (with a torn brown sleeve) before the window breaks. He can be seen over Helena's shoulder when she calls Koenig on the communications post.

The Troubled Spirit The Troubled Spirit

In The Troubled Spirit he is in the recital audience.

The Dorcons The Dorcons Guard in Weapons Section, and guarding airlock door.

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