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War Games

End of Eternity Year 1 - Episode 17 The Last Enemy

Screenplay by Christopher Penfold
Directed by Charles Crichton
Guest Artist Isla Blair
Guest Star Anthony Valentine
Belgium (Flemish) Krijgertje spele 16 Mar 1977
Spain Juegos de guerra War games 10 Mar 1977
France/Canada Ruses de guerre War Stratagems 21 May 1977
Germany Angriff aus dem Weltall Attack From Space 16 Oct 1977
Italy Mondo proibito Forbidden World 31 Oct 1976
Japan Big Battle with Space Fleets 17 Apr 1977
Netherlands Ruimteoorlog Space War 9 Jun 1978
Portugal Jogos Guerreiros Warring Games 18 Dec 1976
Hungary Háborús játék 9 Jun 1985
Sweden 19 Jun 1976
USA (Los Angeles) 25 Oct 1975
USA (New York) 9 Nov 1975
USA (San Francisco) 25 Oct 1975
South Africa 20 May 1977
UK (ATV) 25 Sep 1975
UK (LWT) 27 Sep 1975

Moonbase Alpha finds itself at war with an unnamed planet. The outcome is disastrous. Everything is wrecked. But can there be a future for the survivors on the aggressor planet? ITC summary


War Games


War Games Original Hawk
Hawk on screen - and in original colours (picture thanks to Eric).
War Games
Reused shot from Alpha Child
War Games
A real nuclear explosion: historic film from of the Baker test, 24 July 1946.





Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities (128 dead in the alternative timeline plus Koenig and Carter).

Alpha Technology:


War Games

Eagle 1 (Alan: internal number is 9); 2 (in flight 1); 6 (Koenig, unarmed); others. In the end none are destroyed.


War Games

Unnamed planet. Note that one shot shows two suns in the sky.


Unnamed aliens (male and female). Humanoid with large heads.

War Games War Games


War Games




War Games War Games

In an episode notable for the volume and quality of the effects, a few flaws are seen, including cut out Eagles and visible wires.


War Games


Due to the strong visual appeal of this episode, it was heavily marketed.


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