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Les Johnson

Les Johnson (2)

The Exiles
Character Name Les Johnson 2
Played by Roy Everson
Sex M
Section Technical / Security
Episodes 7 episodes
Earthbound Security Guard in corridor
Guardian Of Piri Security Guard at party
War Games Security Guard in corridor
Dragon's Domain Security Guard (1996)
The Exiles Life Support Guard
The Beta Cloud Les Johnson (1st Technician)
The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 Security Guard in corridor

Named in Beta Cloud (he is the technician who faints in the corridor). Earthbound (in corridor watching the Kaldorians), Guardian of Piri (at the party in Medical Centre), War Games (outside medical corridor), The Exiles (Life support guard), Bringers of Wonder part 2 (corridor)

Everson is listed for Earthbound call sheet; there is no name on the Guardian Of Piri,Dragon's Domain and War Games call sheets.

The call sheet for The Exiles dated 18 February 1976 lists Roy Everson as "Guard" and Ron Nichols as "Security" (plus Quentin Pierre, also "Security"). The ID badge for the guard has the name "Nichols", which suggests the featured role was intended for actor Ron Nichols, not Everson. But this is definitely Everson; see also aveleyman.

Another Alphan called Les Johnson appears in The Immunity Syndrome.

Earthbound In crowd when Kaldorians arrive Earthbound
Guardian Of Piri In crowd in Medical Center party (on right) Guardian Of Piri
War Games In corridor outside Medical after evacuation. War Games
Dragon's Domain Security Guard (1996) Dragon's Domain
The Exiles Life Support Guard The Exiles The Exiles
The Beta Cloud Les Johnson (1st Technician). Collapses in corridor The Beta Cloud
The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 Security Guard in corridor, stunned by Koenig The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

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