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Pierce Quinton

Pierce Quinton

Brian The Brain
Character Name Pierce Quinton
Played by Quentin Pierre
Sex M
Section Security
Episodes 31 episodes
Breakaway Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Matter Of Life And Death Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Black Sun Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Ring Around The Moon Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Earthbound Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Guardian Of Piri Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Force Of Life Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Alpha Child Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Last Sunset Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Voyager's Return Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
End Of Eternity Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Last Enemy Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Troubled Spirit Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Space Brain Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Infernal Machine Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Dragon's Domain Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Testament Of Arkadia Security Guard (Pierce Quinton /N'Dole)
The Metamorph Running Alphan
The Exiles Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Mark Of Archanon Pierce (guard)
Brian The Brain Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The A B Chrysalis Rescue Astronaut 5, Pierce / Alphan
Catacombs Of The Moon Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Seed Of Destruction Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Space Warp Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Lambda Factor Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Seance Spectre Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
Dorzak Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Immunity Syndrome Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)
The Dorcons Security Guard (Pierce Quinton)

Quinton is seen throughout Year One, usually with Tony Allan. He also appears throughout Year Two. Quinton's surname is given on his helmet visible in both Ring Around The Moon and Earthbound. Quinton is also called "Pierce" in The Mark Of Archanon. The name on his ID badge for most of Year 2 is either "Q. Pearce" or "Pierre". In the script of The Testament Of Arkadia Tony and Quinton are named Irwin and N'Dole (Quinton being N'Dole), but they are not named in dialogue.

Ring Around The Moon
Breakaway When Nordstrom goes mad, Quinton and Allan are seen on the depot screen. "Get out there and bring Nordstrom in". Breakaway
Matter Of Life And Death When Lee throws Mathias to the floor, Quinton and Allan are the guards who run to restrain him, and then guard him throughout the interrogation. Matter Of Life And Death
Black Sun Stands watching the poker game. Also in final corridor crowd. Black Sun Black Sun
Ring Around The Moon In Eagle flight to Triton probe. Ring Around The Moon
Earthbound In Rescue Eagle. Earthbound
Guardian Of Piri Seen in corridors as Koenig walks by in pyjamas. Guardian Of Piri
Force Of Life With Koenig following Zoref. Force Of Life
Alpha Child Seen in Main Mission when Jarak addresses Alpha; accompanies Koenig to Medical Alpha Child
The Last Sunset Seen in corridors as the gas first escapes. Later runs out into rain. The Last Sunset The Last Sunset
Voyager's Return Pass Queller in corridor when he leaves Medical for the lab Voyager's Return
End Of Eternity In Main Mission, listens to Balor End Of Eternity
The Last Enemy In Travel Tube to meet Dione, later guards her in Command Office, and stands guard outside Sandra's door The Last Enemy
The Troubled Spirit In recital audience, and present throughout episode The Troubled Spirit
Space Brain With Allan and Mathias, follows Kelly Space Brain
The Infernal Machine Accompanies Alan with the supplies The Infernal Machine
Dragon's Domain In 1996 crowd. On Eagle to dragon ship. Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain
The Testament Of Arkadia On Eagle mission to planet. The Testament Of Arkadia
The Metamorph Running Alphan in blue jumpsuit The Metamorph
The Exiles With Koenig when they rush to Life Support The Exiles
The Mark Of Archanon Named as Pierce The Mark Of Archanon
Brian The Brain Searches Swift. His name badge reads "Pierce" Brian The Brain
The A B Chrysalis Seen in blue jumpsuit preparing for shockwave. At the same time, in an Eagle in a spacesuit. The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis
Catacombs Of The Moon One of guards looking for Osgood Catacombs Of The Moon Catacombs Of The Moon
Seed Of Destruction As Tony and Maya head for the Eagle, they hide from Quinton patrolling the corridor Seed Of Destruction
Space Warp Search for monster in corridors Space Warp
The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 Guarding Command Center and stunned by Koenig The Bringers Of Wonder part 2
The Lambda Factor Security Guard in corridor The Lambda Factor
The Seance Spectre Guards Medical The Seance Spectre
Dorzak Guards Travel Tube door as Sahala first emerges (his id badge is just readable as "Pierce"). In Travel Tube when they first go to view Croton ship, and later with Dorzak. Dorzak
The Immunity Syndrome On landing party. Searches for Tony, and in Eagle crash. The Immunity Syndrome The Immunity Syndrome
The Dorcons Seen in Command Center The Dorcons

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