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Brian the Brain

The Mark of Archanon Year 2 - Episode 9 New Adam New Eve

Writer Jack Ronder
Director Kevin Connor
Guest Star Bernard Cribbins
Belgium (Flemish) Brian het Brein 12 Oct 1977
Spain Brian el cerebro Brian the brain5 May 1977
France/Canada Le cerveau ordinateur The Computer Brain 15 Jan 1977
Italy Il robot The Robot 25 Apr 1979
Japan Intrigue of the Killing Computer 2 Jun 1981
Portugal Brian, o Cérebro Brian the Brain 8 Oct 1977
South AfricaBanie die Brein Banie the Brain16 Jun 1984
Poland 8 Sep 1979
USA (New York) 7 Nov 1976
USA (San Francisco) 23 Oct 1976
UK (ATV) 2 Oct 1976
UK (LWT) 2 Oct 1976

Hijacked by a robot -a living machine with a brain, a human voice, and a terrifying secret. ITC summary


Brian The Brain


Int. Command Centre
Int. Weapons Section (screens only)
Int. Alpha Corridor/Reception
Int. Travel Tube
Int. Eagle Pilot Section

Int. Swift Pilot Section/ Passenger Section/ Airlocks
Int. Mothership
Ext. Planet D Surface


Brian The Brain

The Swift is a Ron Burton design, intended as the landing ship for Into Infinity. It was built by Martin Bower. The top tanks were added by the studio and contained freon gas for the engines.
Swift model feature

Brian The Brain

A large section of the Swift leg was built with a miniature Brian.

Brian The Brain

Planet D is represented by a blue monochrome version of a photograph of Earth. It was taken by Apollo 11 on 16th July 1969, about 10,000 nautical miles from Earth, and shows portions of North and Central America under swirling clouds. The picture is also used as Sunim in Matter Of Balance. Thanks to Marcus Lindroos.



Brian The Brain



1150 days after leaving Earth orbit (Wed 6 Nov 2002)

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:

Brian The Brain


Eagle 1 (Tony); 2 & 10 (investigation)

Maya transformations:

Mouse, Capt Michael

Brian The Brain Brian The Brain


Planet D





Brian The Brain


Brian The Brain

Tinted pages of an astronomy book are shown, including maps of the north pole of Mars. Most of the pages are from the New Concise Atlas Of The Universe by Patrick Moore (probably the 1974 edition). More. Thanks to Marcus Lindroos.

Original Keith Wilson design for Brian The Brain. See more



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