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DVD: Germany
Compiled by Martin Willey

Crest Movies/ Sunrise Entertainment

Germany 22 June 2011+
€8 per volume

In 2011, Crest began issuing DVDs with just two episodes each; a larger sticker promised 12 DVDs (the full Year 1). There are no extras. Soundtracks are German and English. The box art headlined the stars "Barbara Brain" (sic), "Martin Landau" and "Nick Tate". The rear art correctly credited Bain and included Barry Morse. The name Crest appears nowhere on the packaging (it only lists Starlight Film, the distributor).

The DVDs had no extras. The menus were static, using the same images as the 2004 E.M.S. menus (which were more dynamic). The top level menu showed the two episodes with a small screen showing a short clip. The second level (episode) menu showed language (German or English), three chapters (with very short clips for each), and a text button to start the episode.

Crest also released the series on Blu-ray (but in standard definition).

Crest movies top level menu Crest movies episode menu DVD Cover
Set Release Date Episodes

DVD Set 1

22 June 2011

Die Katastrophe (Breakaway)
Die Rückkehr der Toten (Matter Of Life And Death)

DVD Disc
Volume 1

DVD Set 2

20 December 2011

Die Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun)
Ein Ring von Licht (Ring Around The Moon)

Volume 2

DVD Set 3

1 March 2012

Captain Zantor (Earthbound)
Fast wieder daheim (Another Time, Another Place)

DVD cover
DVD cover

DVD Set 4

27 February 2012

König:2 (Missing Link)
Das Glück der Träumenden (Guardian Of Piri)

DVD cover
DVD cover

DVD Set 5

16 April 2012

Das Blaue Licht (Force Of Life)
Das Alpha Kind (Alpha Child)

DVD cover
DVD cover

DVD Set 6

16 April 2012

Die Verwandlung (The Last Sunset)
Der Mann, der seinen Namen ändert (Voyager's Return)

DVD back cover
DVD cover

DVD Season 1 (3 DVD box)
Sunrise Entertainment (Intergroove)

2 March 2012

DVD cover DVD cover

DVD Season 2 (3 DVD box)
Sunrise Entertainment (Intergroove)

30 March 2012

DVD cover DVD cover

DVD Season 3 (3 DVD box)
Sunrise Entertainment (Intergroove)

8 February 2013

DVD volume 3

DVD Season 4 (3 DVD box)
Crest Movies

1 December 2013

DVD volume 4

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packaging and screen images copyright Crest