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Space Brain

The Troubled Spirit Year 1 - Episode 20 The Infernal Machine

Screenplay by Christopher Penfold
Directed by Charles Crichton
Guest Artists Shane Rimmer, Carla Romanelli
Denmark Rumhjernen
France/Canada Cerveau spatial Space Brain
Germany Wer programmiest Kelly? Who Programs Kelly?
Italy Il cervello spaziale The Space Brain
Japan Attack of the Huge Space Brain
Netherlands Kosmisch Brein Cosmic Brain
Poland Mozg kosmosu
Portugal O Cérebro do Espaço The Brain Of Space
Spain Cerebro del espacio Space Brain
South AfricaRuimtebrein Space Brain

Alpha encounters an intangible mass as it heads though space...and towards disaster. Whatever the mysterious energy field might be, it possesses a strange and frightening power. ITC summary


Space Brain


Space Brain Space Brain Space Brain



Space Brain



Alpha Personnel:

3 fatalities, Cousteau, Wayland, Kelly.

In the script cast list and some publicity material, Melita is listed as "Melita Janni" - although the surname is never used in dialogue. They are married (Koenig talks to her about "her husband"), so it is possible that Kelly is a forename; alternatively Melita may use her maiden name.

Alpha Technology:

Space Brain


Eagle 1 (Wayland and Cousteau, destroyed); 4 (Rescue); 7 (Koenig, fastest); remote Eagle (crashed); cargo Eagle




Space Brain

Space brain




Space Brain Space Brain

During the space-walk, the stripes on the rescue pod are gone.


Space Brain

Several publicity shots exist of a fight between Kelly and Alan Carter in the Eagle cabin. This makes no sense in the context of the episode (as rewritten) and is not seen in the final print.

Space Brain Space Brain

Carla Romanelli and (partially hidden behind Barry Morse) Troubled Spirit star Giancarlo Prete with the Main Mission crew. Probably shot on the first day of shooting, 5 December 1974, when Prete was still filming his final scenes of the previous episode. Picture thanks to Mark Spalding.

Network version Widescreen Widescreen

Two shots on the Carlton DVDs are in widescreen (with black borders top and bottom). They are zoomed in on the Network DVDs, cropping the sides of the shot.



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