The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Living Quarters

The Infernal Machine

The living quarters are more spacious than the Year 2 living quarters, and the bed area is separated from the living space. Around the bed area are a cupboard and a side door (to the bathroom, as we discover in Force Of Life). In Force Of Life the married quarters are a slight variation, with double doors to the bed area. All other rooms have single beds.

Each room has a communications post. In Breakaway Koenig's communications post is positioned slightly differently and has a "C" designation; in later episodes it is the normal position with the "LQ" designation. Helena's quarters has an "M" designation in Matter Of Life And Death and a mirror-image room design (also seen in Smitty's room in Black Sun); her quarters in Dragon's Domain are the standard design.

Standard furnishings:

In the cupboards we normally see one or two spacesuits with helmets.

Helena's quarters are seen in Matter Of Life And Death (mirror-image design) and Dragon's Domain

Other quarters seen include Paul Morrow (Black Sun), Kano (Black Sun), Sandra Benes (The Last Enemy), Smitty (Black Sun, mirror-image design), Melita's (Space Brain), Baxter (End Of Eternity), Cellini (Dragon's Domain), Zoref (Force Of Life)

Space Brain

Plan and elevations showing standard configuration, Helena's mirror plan, and the Zoref married quarters.

Koenig's Quarters


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Helena's Quarters

Matter Of Life And Death

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Zoref's quarters

Force Of Life

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Baxter's quarters

End Of Eternity

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Cellini's quarters

Dragon's Domain

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Other quarters

Black Sun

Paul Morrow's quarters in Black Sun. A view from the bed to the front door wall. The kitchen unit is visible again, as is a Ribbon chair.

Black Sun

These quarters (probably Smitty's) in Black Sun are slightly different. The living area is to the right, but there is no door on the far wall. These quarters, and those of Helena in Matter Of Life And Death, are a mirror-image of the standard quarters. The Alphans are sat round a Unibloc 4 Dining Unit. There is a Ribbon chair beyond.

The Last Enemy The Last Enemy The Last Enemy The Last Enemy

Sandra's quarters in The Last Enemy. There are two spacesuits on hangers: does she live with someone? There is a Demetrio 45 stacking table by the door, with a small Moon globe. There is an Elda 1005 chair, Mezzatessera table and a Rodica chair. The dark glass cabinet also appeared in Helena's quarters, as did the dried plants.

Space Brain Space Brain Space Brain

Melita's quarters in Space Brain. She only has a single bed, so presumably she does not live with Kelly. At the start of the episode they are doing the jigsaw on the Unibloc 4 Dining Unit. Kelly lies on a throwaway sofa. We also see a Rodica chair, Demetrio 45 stacking table by the door, and by the bed is a Giano Vano Ruote telephone table with Sorella lamp.

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